Hedge funds

Ireland is recognised worldwide as a leading domicile in the hedge fund industry and here’s why...

of the global hedge funds are serviced in Ireland making it the largest hedge fund administration cantre in the world
of the top 10 European hedge fund managers have set up hedge funds in Ireland
is the total amount of Irish domiciled hedge fund assets

So, what makes Ireland the location of choice for your hedge fund?

  • Ireland is AIFMD ready
  • It has a world class tax environment - 12.5% corporation tax, no net asset tax, no fund tax
  • Ireland has the right expertise – servicing over €1 trillion of alternative fund assets
  • It has the right Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) structures for hedge funds
  • It allows for non-EU managers to appoint self-managed AIF as the AIFM
  • Ireland has removed the promoter approval regime for hedge funds and other AIFs
  • It already requires the appointment of an independent depositary as now required under AIFMD
  • Ireland allows hedge funds seeking to move onshore to a regulated fund jurisdiction a streamlined fund re-domiciling process
  • Ireland is an English-speaking common law jurisdiction with a high quality business-friendly environment and a highly developed support infrastructure

How can we help?

Hedge funds are a specialist product. We have a team of experts with extensive experience of hedge funds who offer services tailored to the needs of hedge fund managers, their funds and their service providers. In fact, 80% of the top global ‘Hedge Fund Intelligence’ listed hedge funds and 100% of the top 10 European hedge fund managers are serviced by PwC. For more details see our hedge fund statement of qualification publication.