Exchange Traded Funds

Why Ireland?

Ireland is the leading European fund domicile for internationally distributed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs domiciled in Ireland manage assets in excess of €140 billion. This represents over 30% of the European market.

So, what makes Ireland the location of choice for your ETF?


Experience & expertise
Investment managers can benefit from working with Irish service providers and a Regulator who knows the ETF product. Irish fund administrators have strong expertise and customised systems for servicing ETFs.


Tried & tested
More than 850 fund promoters from over 50 countries have chosen Ireland including some of the largest ETF providers in the world.


Mature industry
ETFs were first launched in Ireland back in 1998, therefore Ireland has years of experience in establishing and servicing ETFs.


Attractive tax environment
There is no annual net asset tax for ETFs and where Ireland has a double taxation treaty in place, ETFs may be entitled to lower withholding tax rates.

How can we help?

We work with in excess of 70% of the leading ETF players in Ireland structuring both physical and synthetic ETFs
We audit 91% of the ETFs located in Ireland

We can offer you a tailored approach to your business issues covering everything from:

  • Setting up your ETF
  • Delivering an efficient audit
  • Designing and implementing the optimal tax structure for your ETF

For more details please see our ‘How can we help?’ section.