Business strategy

Mega-trends in financial services

Given the level of volatility and uncertainty in today’s business environment, the strategic position of a firm can either secure or threaten its future. Our strategy team has a strong track record working with domestic private and public sector clients and multinationals to develop strategic responses to both deal and non-deal situations. Our team can help you:
  • Formulate and implement corporate strategy.
  • Perform commercial due diligence to test the validity of performance forecasts in the context of projected market conditions and likely competitor developments.
  • Evaluate new market entry decisions and identify and target potential acquisitions.
  • Obtain customer’s views on business performance relative to competitors using specialist (voice of the customer) customer analytics.
  • Evaluate public policy, programmes, organisations and projects.
  • Evaluate business performance relative to market norms and identify underpinning causes

Rethinking emerging markets

European cities hotel forecast 2013