Brexit: What’s next for Irish business

The result of the UK referendum to leave the European Union has a significant effect on Irish business. How can you manage the uncertainties and identify the opportunities Brexit presents?

What next for Irish business after Brexit?

Brexit brings opportunities and challenges for Irish business. There are significant implications for every sector. 

PwC's Brexit taskforce, combined with our industry expertise, can help you prepare for the impact of Brexit on your organisation.

In our latest publication, ‘The signal from the noise’, we assess the likely outcomes of the negotiations and the actions you can take to mitigate your exposure to potential risks.

There are many uncertainties. But there are also many things to proactively plan for now. We’re here to help.

What do you need to do now?

We think companies can proactively follow three simple steps to prepare themselves for Brexit and assess their exposure.

Step 1: Create baseline assumptions

Each organisation should be able to quickly define a set of basic assumptions to inform their Brexit planning. Everyone in the organisation needs to understand and use the same set of assumptions in all planning and strategy work. Keeping your assumptions concise allows for straightforward periodic reviews and simple modifications of assumptions as the Brexit landscape becomes clearer.

Use our model as your baseline to prepare your Brexit strategy

Step 2: Analyse your business

Using these assumptions, work through the core elements of your P&L. What are the impacts of the assumptions on your operating model? What is the impact on your cost base? What impact will there be on your working capital requirements? This allows you to assess the financial impact on your business and highlight where the areas of greatest risk are.

Further assess the implications of Brexit for your business

Step 3: Define your Brexit action plan

Once you have developed your detailed risk analysis based on your assumptions, you should be able to identify the areas where changes will most effect your organisation and develop suitable mitigating actions to reduce the impact of Brexit on your business.

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