PwC Company car snapshot survey 2012

PwC Company car snapshot survey 2012 - Report available to purchase

PwC recently announced the launch of the PwC Company car snapshot survey 2012, the latest in a series of snapshot surveys on remuneration. This is the 4th company car survey, since its inception in 2004.

The survey report covers findings on emerging market trends in the area of company car policy, car benefits and car allowances offered to employees (including sales staff) at various levels within Irish organisations.

What will you get from the report?

  • Car Benefits Policy – Eligibility, car policy design and changes to the car policy;
  • Car Allowances – Annual car allowance value, methods for determining allowance values, etc;
  • Car Benefit – Market list price, CO2 emission levels, green transport plan, car parking, car types / models, financing methods, replacement period for leased / purchased cars, etc;
  • Mileage Rates – Eligibility, mileage rates for those who do / do not receive a car benefit, recording business mileage;
  • HR Policies and Procedures – Use of company car for part-time employees, maternity leave, promotions, new hires, working overseas, etc.

Non-participants can purchase a copy of the main survey report for €790.

In addition to this, custom reports of industry sector or specific peer groups can be purchased at an additional cost of €200*. (*price is exclusive of VAT)

If you wish to order a copy of the report please complete the order form below:




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