Project finance / Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Project finance and PPP projects often involve complex long-term financing in a public procurement environment.  We have unrivalled sector specific experience in advising private and public sector clients on these projects.

Serving the private sector

Our approach to advising the private sector is focused on optimising the funding package to deliver winning bids that maximise equity returns:


  • Risk analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Commercial issues
  • Contract structures
  • Funding options

Financial structuring and arranging finance

  • Risk allocation
  • Funding strategy
  • Tax structuring and accounting treatment
  • Security structure
  • Manage competition between funders
  • Negotiate term sheets
  • Bring in funders (Banks, bond underwriters, monolines, or other)

Bid submission

  • Address ITN/ITT requirements
  • Base and variant bids
  • Financial model optimisation
  • Model assumptions and user handbook
  • Funder due diligence and support letters

Closing the deal

  • Completing financing documentation
  • Managing the due diligence process
    • Legal
    • Technical
    • Insurance
    • Modelling

Serving the public sector

Our approach to advising the public sector is focused on achieving value for money, optimising risk allocation and making certain that projects are delivered:


  • Establish objectives
  • Identify suitable projects
  • Assess market appetite
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Risk assessment and allocation
  • Affordability and public sector benchmark


  • Develop an attractive project package
  • Prepare information for the market
  • Identify potential bidders

Prequalification / tender

  • Design the prequalification and tender process
  • Prepare prequalification and tender documents
  • Develop prequalification and tender evaluation criteria
  • Interviews with bidders


  • Evaluation of prequalification and tender submissions
  • Risk analysis
  • Value for money assessment
  • Contractual qualifications
  • Deliverability of financing
  • Recommendation of preferred bid


  • Negotiations with bidders and financiers
  • Input to documentation.
  • Supervision of syndication/underwriting process