Valuation is at the heart of every day business activity. Forming an acceptable view of value and defending it robustly, requires a blend of knowledge, independence, and detailed command of the relevant facts and circumstances. We meet these requirements consistently by making certain that leading edge valuation methodologies are brought to bear. So whether you are considering an investment or agreeing a valuation for reporting or tax purposes, we will share our views with you to enable you to arrive at the best outcome.Our valuation services include:

Valuations for transactions

  • Mergers, acquisitions, disposals
  • Majority and minority shareholdings
  • Business units
  • Support for finance raising and buyouts
  • Assessing joint-venture contributions

Valuations for financial reporting under IFRS and Irish GAAP

  • Purchase price allocation and impairment review of tangible and intangible assets including goodwill, trade names and know-how
  • Valuation of share options

Valuations for tax purposes

  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Capital, inheritance or personal tax planning
  • Re-basing the value of assets

Valuations for regulatory purposes

  • The Companies Act
  • Articles of Association