Formal restructuring

If your business is currently facing financial stress early action can often help resolve the problems and avoid insolvency. However if insolvency is unavoidable we can help financial stakeholders to recover value.

How we can support you:

  • Examinership
    A formal restructuring process, allows the company protection from its creditors, to allow the appointed examiner seek investment, engage with stakeholders and to present a scheme for court approval restructuring the balance sheet.
  • Pre-pack transaction
    This is a deal to sell the assets of a failed company, agreed prior to insolvency, which is completed immediately after the appointment of an insolvency practitioner. This is also known as an accelerated or distressed M&A.
  • Section 201 arrangement
    This refers to a scheme of arrangement between a company and its creditors. Similar to an examinership application, the company can make an application to court seeking protection while the proposals for a scheme of arrangement are being considered.