Shareholder services

If your organisation needs to reduce operating costs and achieve a simplified, more transparent corporate structure to reach your business objectives, we can help. We provide advice on the different methods of dissolution, the associated risks to the directors and the group, how to plan for this type of project and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

We can carry out a preliminary review of the target companies to help you select the most appropriate method of dissolution, identifying issues that will need to be addressed and determine the specific allocation of responsibilities for resolving these.

We also assist shareholders realise or release value in a tax-efficient manner through a solvent liquidation of their company.

How we can support you:

We can provide you with the following assistance and support:

  • Advise and assist you in the reorganisation or simplification of your group structure.
  • Advise on the options for the dissolution of dormant companies.
  • Advise and assist in the pre-liquidation wind-down of a company's activities.
  • Act as liquidator of a company in a solvent winding up.
  • Ensure you get appropriate specialist tax advice.

We hope that with our assistance you can:

  • Eliminate recurring holding costs in relation to dormant companies.
  • Reduce risk of perceived corporate governance failures.
  • Free up senior management time spent dealing with corporate governance issues.
  • Achieve a payback within two years where a number of companies are liquidator or dissolved at the same time.
  • Realise shareholder value in a tax efficient manner.