Capital project services

The majority of capital projects represent a significant investment of business resources, or are key elements in delivering business strategy.

As an owner, lender, contractor, subcontractor or insurer you may have experienced capital projects that are late, over budget or failing to meet their objectives. In some cases this may result in disputes between you and other parties to the project.

PwC has developed an international reputation based upon extensive experience of construction and property disputes, arbitration and litigation. We can either act as advisers or provide professional witnesses.

Potential issues

  • A project is not completed in accordance with initial cost estimates and time budgets, or fails to deliver the required performance or benefits.
  • Cost or time over-runs threaten the implementation of business strategy and are diverting management focus.
  • Cost over-runs or time delays have lead to a need for refinancing or, in the worst case, insolvency.

How we can support you

  • Our specialists in accounting, auditing and IT can be supported as required by specific knowledge in surveying, building services, engineering and project management.
  • We work with you on projects, providing advice and assistance to mitigate risks, develop the correct procurement and project management strategies or to manage disputes.
  • We use a phased approach tailored to suit each client situation and bringing in appropriate skills to deliver a cost effective solution.

More about this service

  • We review capital project management arrangements for the implementation of a wide range of projects including: governance, risk and quality management, procurement strategy, forecast outturn and management reporting aspects.
  • PwC has extensive experience in both the identification and mitigation of capital project related fraud – from procurement to operation.