Commercial disputes

Are you faced with a dispute where financial issues are key? Do you need advice on how to approach the matter?

Most businesses will face a dispute situation from time to time. Whether this is a dispute with a supplier, a customer, a regulator, or a whole range of related issues, we can provide an unrivalled range of industry knowledge and access to a number of specialists, including valuation specialists and economists – drawing on both our national team and PwC's global network of offices.

We can assist you throughout a dispute process, whether in an informal forum or in litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Potential issues

You face any of the following:

  • You are involved in a business dispute.
  • You are involved in litigation/arbitration and require a specialist witness or an independent investigation of facts.
  • You have uncovered an intellectual property infringement.
  • You are involved in an insurance claim.
  • You need an independent evaluation of loss and damage arising from a tort or breach of contract.

How we can support you

  • Provide independent advice to assess and evaluate the merits of a dispute.
  • Analyse financial material.
  • Evaluate loss and damage.
  • Utilise proprietary computer forensic techniques to capture, manage and analyse data for disclosure/discovery.
  • Support at mediations including:
    • Quantification of loss and damage
    • Financial, economic and accounting analyses
  • Assist and advise on dispute resolution.
  • Provide specialist witness evidence in proceedings.