Drawing on skills and experience acquired over many years in a range of disciplines, our Investigations team is ready to assist clients in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud, financial crime and other irregularities.

Our detection and investigations specialists work with our professionals in forensic technology solutions, combining extensive practical experience with a wide range of tools and techniques to detect and investigate fraud.

Potential issues

  • Your organisation has suffered asset misappropriation in any form, including theft of cash or other assets, procurement fraud, expense or payroll fraud, loan or mortgage fraud, theft of trade secrets, or diversion of revenues.
  • You need to respond to bribery and corruption claims, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act breaches.
  • There is a suspicion of accounting fraud or manipulation (whether at group, company, or divisional level), or inappropriate or inadequate disclosure.
  • You suspect that there are breaches of ethics, conflicts of interest and other forms of management and employee impropriety within your organisation.

How we can support you

  • Investigate the nature and extent of the fraud or irregularity and any losses arising from it.
  • Identify and quantify any accounting misstatements and advise on changes to accounting or disclosure that may be required.
  • Using evidence from the investigation, as well as publicly available sources, we can evaluate the viability of third parties as targets for recovery actions.
  • Work closely with lawyers to frame freezing and disclosure orders.
  • Analyse further evidence, such as bank records, obtained under disclosure orders.
  • Produce factual and/or specialist reports and other analyses in support of recovery actions.

Other investigations services include

  • Electronic evidence gathering, including disk imaging
  • Data mining and other electronic data analysis to identify relevant evidence and investigative leads
  • Document, transaction and accounting analysis
  • Evidence and document management
  • Production of reports, including specialist witness reports, and numerical and graphical analyses for use in civil or criminal proceedings
  • Liaison with law enforcement and regulatory authorities.