Information security and forensics

2014 global state of information security survey

With cyber crime the second most frequently occurring economic crime within Irish organisations, understanding how to manage cyber risks and turn them into opportunities is essential for all organisations.

If you want to identify, understand, reduce and respond to cyber risks in your organisation, allowing you to focus on new business opportunities without compromising security or breaching regulatory or compliance requirements, you may be interested in speaking to one of our team. Our team can help you:

  • Understand what cyber risks your organisation faces.
  • Respond to and handle e-discovery requests and information breaches.
  • Advise on investments in information security.
  • Ensure compliance with increasing legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Leverage emerging technologies such as cloud and mobile devices in a secure manner.
  • Ensure your organisation has sufficient resilience and continuity processes in place to survive a failure of a key system.

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