Management team advice

For any business, success is driven by the people behind it. Therefore, as part of any transaction it is vital that the management team of the target company are considered early on so that a tax efficient incentive plan can be factored into the deal structure leading to an alignment of business goals between the acquirer and the new management team.

We can work with either the vendor or the acquirer to ensure that the deal structure is such that it facilitates a tax efficient incentive plan for the management team ensuring that no unexpected income taxes, Universal Social Charges (USC) and Social Security costs arise for the individuals or the company.

How can we support you:

  • On acquisition of a new company we can work to design a tax efficient plan for the new management team which seeks to align their goals with the wider business strategy;
  • Throughout the investment, we can review the incentive arrangements which are in place to ensure that they are still fit for purpose and if necessary adjust them to bring them more in line with the business plan;
  • On a disposal, we can work to advise the management team on a tax efficient partial or full exit from the company to ensure that there is no unnecessary tax leakage and that any on-going investment is structured appropriately from a tax perspective.