Payroll services

In an increasingly challenging operating environment, the payroll function remains under pressure to ensure compliance with ever changing rules and regulations whilst delivering cost savings and payroll process efficiencies.

In addition, the increasing number of companies expanding to and operating in international markets, means that the payroll managers are now working with complex multi-territory payroll processes, often without a corresponding increase in resources.

In response, many companies have chosen to outsource the payroll function in its entirety while others have sought to achieve internal functional efficiencies. In most cases, these activities have freed up critical management time, allowing a re-direction of focus to more pressing business priorities. We have extensive experience in supporting a range of local and multinational clients both in outsourced payroll processing and functional effectiveness reviews.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Confidence that your payroll function is compliant with legislation across multiple jurisdictions
  • Increased efficiency of payroll systems, controls and processes
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of payroll
  • Comfort that employees will be paid correctly, on time, every time
  • Comfort around the security and confidentiality of sensitive payroll information
  • Payroll staff training support
  • Short term cover for payroll administrator