Positioning for growth

Growth is about getting your strategy right, managing risk and working smarter. Not harder. It comes down to setting priorities. We can help you make the tough decisions about how and when to grow your business – so you get it right the first time.

Contact a PwC professional in your area, and let’s talk about positioning your company for growth.

Our services:

Strategic business plan
Fundamental to the success of any organisation is a strategic business plan that is effectively formulated and executed. We will engage your key management team in facilitated meetings and keep the group focused and moving forward. We’ll help you develop focused goals and action plans, create realistic time frames, generate specific performance measurements and effectively communicate the plan. We can assess the impact of changes on employees, business systems and technology. Developing a detailed long-term strategic business plan can help minimise corporate income, capital taxes and increase efficiency.

Acquisition, merger and exit strategies
Are you considering the fit of a merger or the timing of the sale of your business? We can help you review your processes to get you ready to make a deal, and can help so that your people and processes are aligned to your goals post-acquisition.

Working capital management
How many companies have been liquidated with healthy order books? How many senior executives have been forced to focus exclusively on debt repayments rather than strategic growth? If cash and liquidity are paramount to your company, focusing on cash flow may be your primary strategic priority.

Financial assurance and statutory auditing 
When growing your business, you need to attract the right level of capital. To do that effectively your financiers need solid, robust assurance that your financial statements provide a true and fair view of your financial position. We can help:

  • Provide independent assurance on your compliance with regulatory and other reporting requirements through the provision of audit services; and
  • Diagnose the business risks and give feedback on the effectiveness of your systems and controls.

Minimise your tax bill
Effective tax planning needs to be aligned with your overall strategy in order to minimise your tax bill over the longer term.