Outsourced assurance and internal audit

There is an increased demand on financial services firms to provide assurance to clients on the adequacy of the firm’s internal controls and safeguards in relation to the safety and integrity of their customer data. Additionally financial services firms are coming under increased pressure to undergo independent monitoring and are generally expected to demonstrate transparency over the controls in place for mitigating risks which impact their business.

How PwC can assist you:

A strong control environment helps to formalise processes, mitigate risks and vulnerabilities and achieve operational efficiencies and improvements. A good control environment ultimately acts as a sound foundation for dealing with future growth and industry issues.

Our regulatory advisory services team has a breadth and depth of experience in providing outsourced assurance for a range of firms.

The review process includes the following:

  • Diagnostic evaluation of current controls to identify control gaps or design deficiencies
  • Identification of areas within the control environment that require remediation to address shortfalls
  • Remediation of weaknesses identified
  • Testing of controls
  • Controls reporting