How can we help?

Change is never easy. However, in today’s fast-paced world, organisations need to be able to innovate, grow and respond to change. Results are also needed quickly and with greater certainty.

We work with our clients to build effective organisations, reduce costs, manage change and risk, leverage talent and optimise technology. Our aim is to help you achieve lasting and beneficial change for your organisation. We can help by:

Doing an acquisition
It is critical for organisations, to carefully assess how they will get the right deal and to test all assumptions it is making about a deal. We can help you with everything from identifying the right acquisition target, performing due diligence to performing valuations and executing the deal.
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Raising finance
Raising finance can be a complex undertaking. We can help by providing assistance on all aspects of capital and funding management, from strategy development to design and implementation of capital and funding procurement solutions.
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Managing a crisis
We can help businesses facing distress or insolvency by delivering restructuring solutions to help build a platform for recovery. Areas where we can help include providing independent business reviews, acting as Examiner and providing support through a liquidation or receivership process.
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Disputes and investigations
Disputes and investigations are often a part of a life for organisations. Our team regularly assists clients in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud, financial crime and other irregularities and in dispute resolution using state of the art tools and techniques to detect and investigate fraud.
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Execute an IPO
Floating your business requires considerable consideration in four key areas. They are (i) choosing the ideal market, (ii) getting your business ready for an IPO, (iii) executing the IPO and (iv) dealing with the intricacies of going public. We can help and support you in these areas and more.
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Selling a business
Whether you need advice on the best disposal strategy, a valuation to be undertaken or you need someone to manage the sales process, negotiate best terms for a transaction, we are there to help and support you with all aspects of selling a business.
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Restructuring and insolvency
Whether you are a lender, creditor, company or an individual in a troubled financial situation, we have the experience and expertise to help you solve your financial issues. We can help by acting as a receiver, examiner or liquidator and can help you maximise the value of asset disposals and investments.
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