Post deal services

Corporate and private equity buyers/sellers need to understand quickly and effectively the main business drivers of an investment, as well as the actions required to deliver transaction value most efficiently.

Our post-deal services and operational solutions team – comprising many individuals with line industry experience – confirms that transactions are handled with speed, focus and attention to detail. As a result, opportunities and problems are clearly highlighted and steps can be taken to address these quickly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on your core business.

If this is your situation:

  • Most deals fail to deliver the potential value forecast when originally put together. A key risk is failing to identify and address the critical success factors immediately post acquisition.
  • You want to take control of the business you have just bought, and want to know what to do immediately.
  • You want to turn the business plan used to justify the deal into reality.
  • You do not have the time, experience or resource to manage the integration of the business you have just acquired.
  • You want to carve out one of your businesses in order to sell it for the best price.
  • You need to get your portfolio investments "back on track" before you can sell them.

How PwC can help you:

  • We help our clients to understand the key business drivers affecting a deal (both before and after the transaction) so that they can make clear and informed decisions.
  • The full transaction value delivered in the most efficient manner.
  • We provide experienced and dedicated resource during times of significant change during a deal. Our specialists are on-site as part of the team.
  • We have tools and techniques which have been proven in other transactions. We can then use these techniques early on in the process to save time and money.