Our digital story

We've put transformation at the heart of our strategy. Now, we're bringing that experience to our clients.

PwC Ireland's digital transformation has been incredibly successful in terms of speed of adoption and people-led achievement. We know what it takes to transform an organisation, because we've done it ourselves.

We have managed and maintained a people-first cultural and organisational transformation. It's been adopted by every part of our business and we've upskilled and uplifted our teams in the process. Now, we're more efficient, more innovative and more ready to face the future with confidence.

In an increasingly online world where digital transformation is now every leader's strategic priority, our personal experience informs our work for our clients looking to achieve the same results.

Sharing our transformation experience

In every aspect of society, in every part of the world, technology is accelerating change. The speed at which digital adoption and adaptation is happening exceeded all expectations in the last year. It has disrupted businesses, jobs, government and the fabric of our world itself.

We haven't responded to these changes, we led them. Our Think Digital programme started in 2017. We enhanced our people's digital skills and put the right technology solutions at their fingertips. We empowered collaboration and innovation. We've made our business more efficient, more powerful and fundamentally digital. And now, we're bringing that experience to our clients and customers.

Changing the digital landscape

Cultural commitment

The cultural and behavioural change required for digital transformation can't be underestimated. Many digital transformation programmes fail because the people aspect isn't considered early or often enough. By involving people at all levels in the organisation, we've ensured that everyone understands what's in it for them and made them part of this journey. We're empowering our people to learn when, where, what and how they build their digital skills.

People are the priority

Our research and our lived experience shows that a people-led approach to digital innovation is by far the most effective. We've put this in the hands of our people. We've given our teams the ability to change how they work, the power to create and innovate. We have equipped them with digital tools and better, cleaner data to be able to do more. By listening to and escalating their ideas, we've added more value and quality for our clients, and created more engagement and a better working experience for our people.

Digitally enabling everyone

When people power technology, we break barriers and unleash true transformation. Our world is defined by continuous change. We are building a creative, innovative, digitally-enabled firm that allows us to create the next generation of solutions for our clients while giving our people the skills they need in today's, and tomorrow's, world. We're taking our lived digital experience to our clients, to help them navigate complexity and volatility on their path to future success.

Understanding and pivoting for change

By democratising innovation, equipping our people with digital tools and skills, empowering them to think differently about what we do and giving them space to create solutions for ourselves improves their and our clients' experience. At the same time, we know disruption and technological change are always on the horizon. We're always taking a 360 degree view, changing how we work and integrate technology, so we can provide the best insights and help our clients change how they work, too.

Our digital journey in practice

Digitising tax services

Achieving tax objectives in today's changing global landscape requires experience, foresight and insight. Our clients face many challenges in establishing effective tax functions and business models. Ensuring they are compliant with regulations and underpinning investor and stakeholder confidence requires more effort and emphasis.

By innovating and providing collaborative technology-enabled tax solutions, we generate better quality advice and deeper insights to our clients. This enables them to make the best decisions to move their business forward with confidence.

We are working with clients to reimagine the delivery of tax services by leveraging digital platforms to enhance our clients' experience and using advanced analytics and visualisation tools to provide richer insights to enable better decision-making. 

Tax technology and transformation

The modern tax function needs to be progressive and agile. It needs a defined technology strategy, aligned with your business goals. Investing in tax technology evolves the function into a strategic partner in the organisation. We are working with our clients, using our experience of integrating new technology to transform their tax functions. We're helping them to make the most of their existing systems, such as ERP optimisation. We explore opportunities for automatic data extraction, as well as advanced analytics and visualisation. We're able to show them the value of using technology to improve processes, drive efficiency and manage risk.

Digital audit and transformation

The PwC Audit is built around three core principles of intelligent focus, rigorous execution and robust challenge – all underpinned by quality and powered by technology. We recognise the synergies created by integrating our technology solutions with our audit approach to deliver a tailored and risk-focussed audit for our clients. Increased competition, external market scrutiny and the need for more transparency for our client's stakeholders requires an agile audit that will evolve and continue to be dynamic. By innovating, collaborating and providing technology-enabled audit solutions, we generate better quality results, drive efficiencies and deliver deeper insights. We are working with clients to reimagine the audit. We are accelerating the digital audit experience by continuing to invest in a people-led, digitally-powered audit as we work with our clients to reimagine the audit, to deliver Tomorrow's audit, today.

Digital consulting

Digital evolution isn't a pipe dream any more. The last year has seen it become central to the survival of almost every business. Our digital consulting practice is taking our own experience of transformation and technology integration to our clients now. We're bringing our learnings to life for them and showing that developing a digital strategy is not as daunting as they may once have believed. Our consultants help them to integrate new developments with legacy systems, enhancing productivity, driving cultural change and cultivating innovation.

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