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Brexit 2020 timeline and beyond

14 January, 2020

With the Conservative government now in majority, the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is expected to pass smoothly through the House of Commons, having passed its second reading on 20 December 2019.

What are the key dates and Brexit milestones that you need to be aware of?

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January 2020

6-31 January
The Withdrawal Agreement Bill will need to progress through Parliament before it is passed for ratification by the EU27.

The UK and the EU27 will define their opening positions in the negotiations on their future relationship. The EU27 are expected to hold a series of daily seminars with the European Commission, covering all of the issues to be addressed in the negotiations.

31 January
Exit date: The UK officially leaves the EU.

February 2020

1 February
Phase 2 negotiations to determine the future economic partnership between the UK and the EU begin. This phase will be crucial for Irish businesses.

25 February
European ministers are scheduled to meet in Brussels. It is expected that they will approve a new negotiating mandate for Michel Barnier.

March 2020

26-27 March
European Council meeting.

June 2020

It is expected that a UK and the EU27 summit will take place to finalise the new trade relationship that will apply from the end of 2020.

18-19 June
European Council meeting.

July 2020

1 July
The legal deadline for agreeing an extension to the transition period. The amendment blocking an extension to the transition period means that, should a trade deal not be agreed by 31 December 2020, there is the risk that the UK with the EU on WTO terms.

October 2020

15-16 October
European Council meeting.

November 2020

26 November
MEPs will be in Strasbourg for their penultimate plenary session of 2020. European lawmakers have stated that a trade deal must be negotiated, checked, translated and presented to the European Parliament by this date if the transition period is to end by 2020.

December 2020

10-11 December
European Council meeting.

31 December
This date marks the end of the transition period per the Withdrawal Agreement. The UK Government aims to have negotiated the future economic partnership and financial settlement with the EU by this deadline.

December 2022

31 December
Should the UK Government request an extension of the transition period it would end on 31 December 2022. This is not the Government's intention.

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