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PwC Ireland's employability guide

In the world of work, in every industry and sector, using your unique skills as effectively as possible will make you stand out from the crowd.

Our Employability guide will help you think about the ways you can effectively present yourself to a new employer and make the most of your employability skills. Here are a few tips to think about before you get started.

First impressions count

You won't get a second chance, so make sure you stand out the first time you meet a prospective employer.

Dress appropriately, shake hands firmly, keep eye contact, smile and most of all, relax and be yourself.

Research the people you're meeting: why would your skills be a good for them? Be engaged and interested and have some questions prepared.

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Be pitch perfect

The story of who you are and what you can offer needs to be succinct and memorable. Your personal Elevator Pitch—it shouldn't take longer than an elevator journey to say—can be used at career fairs, in cover letters and in formal interviews to introduce yourself.

Present enough information and convey as much personality and passion as you can to make the other person want to keep talking to you. Practice out loud until it's just right.

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Get a digital makeover

Your online image is increasingly crucial in helping you land your dream job. Use social channels to show the world the kind of person you are and how you would like to be seen by a prospective employer.

Find ways to illustrate your skills and expertise, your experience and your interests from what you post and who you follow. Remember: employers will look at you online.

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Build your network

If you are ambitious and motivated, networking needs to be be part of your life now. Like the best friendships, professional relationships evolve naturally over time and need to be invested in.

Who would you like to meet and talk to about your career? Make a list, get in touch, get advice. While social media is important, face-to-face contact is important too – make a connection.

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Write the right way

Even though texting and Tweeting have their own peculiarities, proper written communication is still vital. Use proper grammar, capitalisation and spelling in all your professional writing.

Be concise and to the point. Long sentences and paragraphs are hard to read, so break your points up into short sections.

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