Hedge funds

So, what makes Ireland the location of choice for your hedge fund?

  • Ireland is AIFMD-ready
  • It has a world-class tax environment: 12.5% corporation tax, no net asset tax, no fund tax
  • Ireland has the right expertise – servicing over €1 trillion of alternative fund assets
  • It has the right Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) structures for hedge funds
  • It allows for non-EU managers to appoint self-managed AIF as the AIFM
  • Ireland has removed the promoter approval regime for hedge funds and other AIFs
  • It already requires the appointment of an independent depositary as now required under AIFMD
  • Ireland allows hedge funds seeking to move onshore to a regulated fund jurisdiction a streamlined fund re-domiciling process
  • Ireland is an English-speaking common law jurisdiction with a high quality business-friendly environment and a highly developed support infrastructure

How can we help?

Hedge funds are a specialist product. We have a team of experts with extensive experience of hedge funds who offer services tailored to the needs of hedge fund managers, their funds and their service providers. In fact, 80% of the top global ‘Hedge Fund Intelligence’ listed hedge funds and 100% of the top 10 European hedge fund managers are serviced by PwC.


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