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The funds industry is a continually changing landscape. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your audit, tax and advisory needs across all the main types of funds including hedge funds, private equity, UCITS, ETFs, money market funds, real estate/property funds, Islamic funds and more. Using our specialist asset management group, the largest in Ireland, and our extensive global network we can tailor our approach to suit your particular fund type and provide market insights and experience that are second to none.

Setting up a fund

We can help with all aspects of setting up a fund. This includes developing your market entry strategy, regulatory, accounting, tax and operational advice on initial fund setup and project managing the fund setup process.

Fund audit

Trust is an important factor in gaining and sustaining the confidence of your investors. Using our experience and proven track record we can provide the stamp of approval needed to give comfort to you and your investors.

Fund tax

We have a dedicated group of tax professionals, focused on international and local tax issues facing fund managers. We have a wealth of resources and expertise to assist you in addressing the various tax challenges such as:

  • Investor tax reporting
  • Withholding taxes review
  • Financial transactions taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax consulting services
  • EU witholding tax reclaims
  • Global tax compliance services
  • VAT services

Regulatory assistance

Keeping up to date with the regulatory environment is essential. We can provide you with clear guidance on what you need to do to be compliant and help you to identify the impact of these regulations on your business, your processes and your people.

Asset management consulting

The asset management sector is constantly changing. If your focus is on growing revenue, integrating successfully, creating insight, removing complexity, operating globally, improving efficiency or reducing cost - we can help.

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