Why Ireland for aviation finance?

Ireland has been there since day one

Ireland was the birthplace of the aircraft leasing industry over 35 years ago. Since then, Ireland has pioneered the development of an envious and supportive tax and legal environment to incentivise the continued growth of the industry.

Planning opportunities around our low tax rate

Our 12.5% corporate tax rate means significant tax planning opportunities while a tax depreciation write off period of eight years is significantly quicker than other leasing locations.

An unrivalled double tax treaty network

With 70 signed to date, our double tax treaty network is extensive and growing. The majority of these provide for zero withholding tax on inbound lease rentals which means that your customers reduce the cost of doing business with you.

A unique level of specialist skills

With all the major global lessors operating in Ireland and supported by locally based professional services, by choosing Ireland you are accessing a talent pool of people with a unique level of specialist expertise and commercial experience.

Flexibility in financial reporting and compliance

With a choice to adopt IFRS, US GAAP or Irish GAAP for financial reporting, the Irish statutory regime is sufficiently agile to integrate with the majority of global organisations.

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