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23rd Annual Global CEO Survey
– Irish analysis

Sustaining success in unpredictable times.

Uncertainty is endemic in every aspect of business. The pessimism it causes is reflected in the results of our Irish survey. But there is hope on the horizon, with opportunities for organic resilience and competitive advantage coming from unexpected sources including climate change, workforce upskilling and cybersecurity.

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  • 67%

    of Irish CEOs are confident about their organisation's prospects for revenue growth.

  • 35%

    of Irish CEOs are "extremely concerned" about cyberthreats.

  • 30%

    of Irish CEOs are "extremely concerned" about the availability of key skills

  • 44%

    of Irish CEOs have assessed the physical risks of climate change to their organisation.

Equip your staff for your future

Organisations need the right mix of skilled and adaptable people, aligned to the right culture and with the right mindset and behaviours to power the business forward. Those that do will solidify long-term relationships with employees and build a more agile workforce. This could be the investment that delivers the biggest returns.

Protect your digital assets and use them to your advantage

The data you hold presents a massive business development opportunity. As well as making sure it remains secure, you also need to ensure that you analyse and utilise it in ways that are transparent and ethical, and produce the strategic direction that will deliver growth.

Plan to become eco-logical

Your business needs a response to the climate emergency. It's potential impact on organisations and the economy requires a responsible and authentic response. It is now imperative for CEOs to develop and integrate a detailed sustainability vision into their long-term strategic plan. The changes you make could create a competitive advantage that could change the world, and yours.

A view overlooking the construction of new buildings with a cityscape in the middle ground and an orange-coloured horizon in the background.

Finding a strategy for success

With upskilling, cybersecurity and climate change rising on the corporate agenda, how can business leaders stay on a path to sustainable growth and think beyond these unpredictable times?

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