Pulse Analysis 2019: Project Portfolio Management

06 December, 2019

We are pleased to present relevant and timely insights from the project management community across the private and public sectors.

We received 126 responses from the project management community from multiple industries that included healthcare, technology, financial services or banking, utilities and others, with 92 responses from the private sector and the remainder from the public sector and not-for-profit.

Overall, there is a strong sense that digital tools have a positive impact on project delivery but that more remains to be done with respect to emerging technologies and developing the necessary skills required to exploit these tools. Issues surrounding the environment and sustainability are never far from the news, and our survey indicates that more action is required in the adoption and implementation of sustainable project management practices. However, it is clear that project managers are perfectly positioned to drive this change and can bring others along on the journey.

A small group of four professionals looking at a report on a tablet device in a bright and modern office.

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