Disputes and Investigations


Most businesses will need to perform a special investigation or will face a dispute situation from time to time. Whether this is as a result of a suspected or actual fraud, breaches of ethics, conflicts of interest and other forms of impropriety or a dispute with a supplier, a customer or a regulator we can provide an unrivalled range of experience and access to a number of specialists, including technology experts, valuation specialists and economists.

Drawing on skills and experience acquired over many years in a range of disciplines, our team regularly assists clients in the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud, financial crime and other irregularities and in dispute resolution. Our investigations specialists work with our professionals in forensic technology solutions, combining extensive practical experience with a wide range of state of the art tools and techniques to detect and investigate fraud.

Potential issues

The need for an investigation or for support in resolving a dispute can arise in many circumstances. Some examples include situations where you:

  • Suspect accounting fraud or manipulation (whether at group, company, or divisional level), or inappropriate or inadequate disclosure.
  • Have suffered asset misappropriation in any form, including theft of cash or other assets, procurement fraud, expense or payroll fraud, loan or mortgage fraud, theft of trade secrets, or diversion of revenues.
  • Are involved in litigation/arbitration and require a specialist witness or an independent investigation of facts.
  • Are involved in a business dispute with a customer, supplier, competitor or joint venture partner and you need an independent evaluation of the situation and advice on the strength of claims and counter-claims and help in developing arguments to support your position.
  • Need advice in relation to completion accounts, earn out agreements or warranty claims following a transaction. There may be a lack of clarity in the roles of each party and their advisers in the preparation, review, and finalisation of these accounts or you may need help in preparing for negotiations or submissions to an independent accountant.

How can we help?

We can assist you throughout an investigation or dispute process, whether in an informal forum or in litigation, mediation or arbitration. Our approach is to independently analyse financial and other material and to provide factual and specialist analyses and reports of our findings. The outputs can be used to quantify loss or damage or to assist in dispute resolution.

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