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Strategy and Growth


As a private business you have the same concerns as publically quoted companies - strategic planning, finance, tax, operational effectiveness, compliance, competition, people management, technology and infrastructure, and of course, growth.

But you have an additional layer of concerns as well. Your business strategy must also embed the unique needs of the private owners - including succession and financial planning, long-term stewardship, tax structuring, and legal matters.

Determining the optimal strategy isn’t easy, but with the right advisor to help you make the right choices, you can transform your business vision into reality.

Potential issues

We have the capabilities, resources and experience necessary to help private businesses like yours assess (and reassess) their operations and potential for growth in an increasingly competitive environment.

  • Strategic planning for the privately owned company.
  • Strategically aligning owner or family values with the management culture of the business.
  • Making a private businesses transformational growth a success.
  • Assuring long-term private business survival in a volatile and competitive market.

How can we help?

  • Market research: Conducting the appropriate market research and developing a roadmap for growth, enabling the management team to make the right business decisions, and to achieve the right results for both the business and the owners.
  • Measurement: Defining and implementing a balanced scorecard (BSC) to measure how well strategic goals are being executed and to link selected performance metrics from the BSC to the managers’ remuneration.
  • Procurement: Helping to set up a global indirect procurement organisation that reflects industry best practices. We can help employees understand clearly how it would affect them, including new roles and expectations and provide senior leadership with tools to help them communicate appropriately with all stakeholders across the business.
  • Review and benchmarking: Carry out analysis of strategic plans and operations and benchmark to see how you compare against industry norms. This will ensure more reliable strategic and operational plans are in place and will help to secure long-term growth.
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