Budget 17 and FDI

Budget 17 offers a chance for Government to regain perspective on the corporate tax agenda and reaffirm its commitment to Ireland as the FDI location of choice for the international community.

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FDI is a good thing for Ireland, and we want it to thrive. While 2016 has presented significant economic and political challenges, we firmly believe Ireland remains an attractive FDI location. Budget 17 offers an opportunity to deliver strong signals that Ireland is committed to retaining its place in the global economy.



After the drama of the Apple decision, the coming months offer a chance to regain perspective on the corporate tax agenda. It is also an opportunity for Government to reduce the tax burden for employees.

We look forward to the reiteration of the Government’s commitment to the cornerstones of Ireland’s corporation tax policy, such as a transparent regime that includes the 12.5% rate and the R&D Tax Credit. It is also an opportunity to reframe the Irish system in the context of international tax reform. This means continuing consultation with the FDI community on the implementation of EU/OECD measures; the renegotiation of the US/Ireland Double Tax Agreement; and the resourcing model that Revenue will need in the new environment.

Measures that reduce the tax burden on labour are needed. The lowering of personal tax rates would be advantageous to the existing workforce and in attracting and retaining key staff here.


FDI continues to be critical to Ireland’s economic success

Foreign direct investment has been a key pillar of Ireland’s economic strategy and success over the last 50 years. What measures could be announced in Budget 17 that would reinforce this strategy for years to come?

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