Consulting services

Achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. We can help you make the best decisions to move your business forward with confidence.

Achieving your objectives and gaining advantage

Growth and change are realities that no business can afford to ignore. Sustainable strategies that help your business innovate and grow while reducing costs and leveraging talent are as essential as having the agility and creativity to respond to rapidly changing environments.

Our consultancy services help organisations to work smarter and grow faster. By taking time to understand your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our consultancy teams leverage local and global knowledge to help you challenge conventions and achieve your strategic objectives.

We build solutions designed to support your needs, whatever they are and no matter the size of your organisation. Your aspirations are matched by our world-class capabilities. We'll work together to resolve complex issues, unlock value and make your business fit for the future.

Helping you transform for the future

Our consulting services teams create possibilities through transformation. We help you to accelerate the impact of technology, efficiently align costs with your business strategy, create unique customer experiences and unlock the potential of data.

Customer experience

Businesses that consider their customers' experience and needs at the front of their strategic agenda sets them up for success. Good customer experience leaves people feeling heard and appreciated. It minimises friction, maximises efficiency and maintains a human element in an increasingly digital world. Give customers a great experience, they'll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience. But deliver a bad experience, and even more people will hear about it.

Creating meaningful customer experiences has become a business imperative for progressive organisations. Providing speed, convenience, consistency and real connections are essential. Making technology feel more human and giving employees what they need to create better customer experiences creates a synergy inside and out. Transforming to match your customer's expectations and innovating to set yourself apart is critical for future success.



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Cybersecurity services, Privacy and Forensics

As companies pivot toward digital business models, exponentially more data is being generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. Data has become the lifeblood of today's interconnected business ecosystem. It is increasingly valuable to organisations, and to skilled threat actors. Business are exposed to new vulnerabilities, making effective protection against cybersecurity threats and privacy breaches more important than ever. You need to protect the IT systems and information that your organisation's growth depends on. And you need to respond quickly to cyber-breaches with forensic analysis and e-discovery, or face significant financial losses and irreparable damage to your organisation's reputation.

We can help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of your business. This will position you to innovate and transform with speed and confidence to create new value and business opportunities.


Data Analytics

The ubiquity of digital technology means businesses now have more data than they know what to do with. And the volume of data is increasing every day. The challenge for many organisations is knowing how to interpret it. How can you turn the insights it provides into strategic intelligence and drive competitive advantage?

Using data analytics in the right ways can add considerable value to your business. It can help to drive faster and better decision-making, reduce costs and streamline your business model. It can also help you identify new sources of revenue and efficiencies.

Our data analytics services team can help you to optimise your data assets, analyse your current data infrastructure and build a strong data foundation, and then monetise and harness the power of the information you hold to optimise business performance and create new commercial opportunities.


Digital services

Digital solutions have the power to change the underlying principles of success. Companies are seeing new ways to become digital advocates, to drive market share and to deliver products and services that delight customers. Your competitive advantage could be driven by digital – it's time to take control.

Digital services can empower your organisation in new ways, transform your products and generate insights to drive your strategy. They can change your current service offering or transform your overall business model.

Our Digital consulting services team develops approaches that help organisations develop strategies for the digital age. We help organisations to build and optimise their digital capabilities to drive results which align with their customer and corporate strategy.


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Finance transformation

In today's ever-changing business landscape, finance leaders face unprecedented challenges.

CFOs face an environment where their company's strategies need to be supported by a flexible finance function that delivers predictive, forward-looking insight and analysis. They should deliver sound forward-looking insights that can be the foundation of crucial decisions. At the same time, they are faced with the task of continually increasing efficiency, financial controls and regulatory compliance.

We help clients navigate this dynamic environment and transform their financial effectiveness. We build tailored solutions, supporting finance professionals to become part of a lean, efficient and adaptive function. We enable the finance function to become a critical driving force in creating successful corporate strategies.


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Operations can and should be a strategic asset. Businesses need functional and technological depth to rapidly close the gap between ideas and results. The confluence of global trends, changing industry ecosystems and groundbreaking technologies present operations executives with extraordinary new opportunities. They have the means to reimagine their operational strategy and make what is possible into a reality.

The potential is to make operations a cost-effective business enabler. This includes developing differentiated capabilities and driving competitive advantage through operations. Getting there requires transformative change and the willingness to collaborate across functions, doing very different things and doing them very differently.

Our Operations practice connects strategy with execution. Whether you're looking at procurement, supply chain, digitisation or asset management, we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.


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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Businesses are dealing with unprecedented change. The shift in global economic power, generational changes and an aging working population, the digital economy and disruption in every sector means institutions are spending more on projects year-on-year. The size of the challenges require those projects and programmes to match their magnitude. Regardless of size, it is important that each initiative your business undertakes runs smoothly and delivers the intended value. You need a clear, defined path to successful project delivery.

Our Project Portfolio Management services team provide assistance in all facets of programme and portfolio management. This ranges from designing methodologies and recovery strategies, as well as developing solutions for strengthening project management and governance practices.


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As the business environment rapidly changes, progressive leaders know they need to rapidly change their business. But making strategy changes is not easy, especially when economic uncertainty is rife and there are so many possible solutions. You need to commercialise innovation, and deliver new sources of value to your organisation and its stakeholders. Doing that requires creating the right infrastructure and culture across your business, engaging every department and putting in a technological, data and operational foundation.

You need a partner for change, who will be able to advise and guide you through the changes you need to make. Our Strategy consulting team helps businesses like yours adapt to industry disruptions and achieve sustainable growth. We identify the right solutions to increase efficiency and translate strategy into action and results.


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Technology implementation

Technology is no longer a function of your business, it is your business. Organisations need to navigate a complicated technology landscape, using digital solutions to create new strategic processes and platforms.

The life cycle of information technology is becoming shorter every year. You need more than an upgrade; you need to modernise the way you approach technology.

Understanding which elements of your IT system are necessary, which need to evolve and which need to be introduced to reach your goals is essential. Knowing how to get it right—how to plan, sequence, invest, design, and engage the business around technological modernisation—is equally important. You need the right partner with the right insight and experience to help you reach that state. We are your trusted technology guide.


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Financial Services Regulation

Navigating the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape is a challenge for financial services firms. Compliance requirements depending on the regulatory license and staying up-to-date with all relevant regulations can be time-consuming. However, non-compliance can lead to significant penalties, reputational damage and legal consequences.

We can help you comply with your regulatory requirements, from the point of entry (i.e. authorisation) to implementation of new regulations and support for any remediation requirements. Our local team of experts work with PwC’s global network of firms in 152 countries to provide tailored, seamless and practical solutions for businesses that ultimately help you navigate the complexity with confidence.


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