Guiding your business from start-up to scale-up to exit

As an entrepreneur, you need an advisor that can cut through the noise.

PwC offers a specialist, founder-focused, service to help start-ups and scale-ups thrive. It’s run by people with relevant, real-world experience and draws on our comprehensive global knowledge and expertise. It’s focused on you, your goals and on freeing you up to focus on what matters.

We have worked with start-up and scale-up companies at all stages of the business life cycle, from idea stage to unicorn funding rounds and successful exits.

Our ecosystem of specialists covers more than 200 people in 30+ countries. So finding the right service for your business has never been easier. From angel investors to government bodies and more, we’ll provide the knowledge, expertise and connections you need.

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The four stages of business growth


You have a great idea for a product or service with the potential to disrupt the marketplace. Your first hurdle is to raise finance to fund development and hone your idea. It is important to be aware of tax-based financing schemes that can add value to investors by reducing the risk of their investment. It’s also vital to meet tax compliance deadlines—cash flow is a priority and paying penalties is not an option.

Early stage

Your business plan should outline your funding requirements as you grow—and your planned allocation. Attracting key talent is also essential. Depending on your objectives, various schemes can incentivise the right people to join your business and create a solid foundation. Your company should also seek to monetise expenditure on research and development to subsidise these costs and manage cash flow where possible.

Scale up

When there is increasing demand for your product or service, growth can bring new challenges. To continue to thrive, ongoing development is essential. You will also need to reward and retain your key employees while staying ahead of industry trends.

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Selling your business is one of the biggest business decisions you will make, and choosing the right exit strategy can be daunting. To maximise the value of the sale, you must begin preparing for an exit early and be in control of the process from the very start.

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