Project Portfolio Management consulting

Delivering meaningful change and achieving your vision requires structuring and managing an optimised portfolio of projects and programmes.

Driving value for you

The scale and pace of change required to succeed in business is increasing. As a result, organisations must invest in their projects and programmes to deliver the strategic changes they need.

Our team helps businesses define, prioritise, mobilise and manage the right projects and programmes to deliver the right changes. We help to structure and operate multiple projects, using portfolio management services. We provide independent assurance and assessment on existing programmes. We can also assist in risk management and programme recovery.

Addressing your project and programme management challenges

Our team establishes and delivers solutions that address your most significant issues and achieve sustainable change.

Portfolio management

With more businesses attempting to deliver strategic change through project and programme management, there are several issues which can impede a successful outcome. Businesses regularly struggle with overworked project teams. It can be hard to decide where they invest their time, people and resources across projects. Budgets can sometimes restrict plans. If not practically managed, businesses can struggle to make the right decisions on programme and project prioritisation, adoption and delivery.

Good portfolio management increases business value by aligning projects with an organisation's strategic direction. It makes the best use of limited resources, and building synergies between projects using the latest digital tools and artificial intelligence. We help businesses focus on doing the right projects at the right time, by selecting and managing projects as a portfolio of investments.

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Programme and project delivery

Many issues may jeopardise the delivery of a programme or project. These include:

  • Failure to mobilise a project or programme correctly
  • Lack of a consistent methodology for planning and executing projects
  • Having a PMO function that is not fit for purpose
  • Lack of access to key resources
  • Lack of effective stakeholder management

Every business needs the capability and supporting tools for effective delivery of programmes and projects. Our project and programme delivery team of skilled project managers use proven project and programme methodologies, assets and tools including digital project management dashboards. They work with clients to shape, mobilise and deliver the right results.

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Change delivery managed service

Many businesses have capacity challenges when it comes to delivering large scale projects and programmes. This can include a lack of available expertise, gaps in industry knowledge, or access to technical capability. Any of these challenges can manifest as a problem for the desired delivery outcome.

We have a large pool of experienced programme managers, project managers and business analysts. They act as a backbone for constructing and managing the right programmes and projects. The PMs can bring in specific expertise across multiple business areas as needed (e.g. cyber, digital, organisational change). We embed and deliver rapid change in a flexible manner, as your portfolio demands.

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Programme assurance and recovery

Most businesses have had projects that did not end on time, were over budget, or changed in scope. The cost of a failing project or programme can impact the ability of a business to meet their strategic objectives.

When a project or programme is 'in distress' or where objectives or benefits are not met, the right intervention needs to address these failings.

Our programme assurance and recovery services provide an independent assessment of the health and viability of a project or programme using our digital toolkit. Using these insights, we can see if there are any significant risks and issues across the project or programme, and provide clear recommendations for leadership teams. If requested, our experienced team works with businesses to address the risks and issues identified and to implement our recommendations.

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