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As the tax environment continues to evolve, tax professionals play an increasingly important role in helping high net worth individuals manage their affairs in a compliant and efficient manner. Decisions about wealth are important—you have worked hard to build and maintain it. Our expert team of private client professionals are on hand to help you manage your wealth today and secure your legacy into the future.

Private Client services

Our highly experienced and specialised Private Clients team can help you protect and grow your wealth.

Personal tax planning

Managing your personal tax affairs is a core element of protecting and enhancing your wealth. You may be a private business owner with significant investment assets, an executive or a high net worth individual. You may wish to safeguard your family’s future or simply seek a new perspective and fresh advice.

Regardless of your stage in life, our integrated approach to planning will help you take charge of your future. We provide advice on a broad range of personal life events, including retirement planning, divorce and separation of assets, selling your business and other significant life events to ensure that they are tax-efficient.

Succession planning

Considering the future and succession is a necessary but often daunting task. While no one can predict the future, reviewing your affairs and putting the necessary structures and wishes in place can bring peace of mind to you and your family. Our Private Clients team offers a full range of succession planning services tailored to the needs of individual clients and their families. Services include:

  • completing a statement of affairs and reviewing all of your assets;

  • establishing a succession plan for the transition of your business and personal assets to the next generation;

  • preparing an effective estate plan that ensures the right assets end up in the right hands at the right time;

  • advice in respect of capital acquisitions tax reliefs and structuring your assets to avail of these reliefs; and

  • advice on creating a tax-efficient will to suit your needs.

Moving to and from Ireland

Whether you are looking to leave Ireland for pastures new or you have come to enjoy our delightful island, moving country is an exciting time. However, any move brings new and potentially complex tax considerations.

We advise clients on breaking Irish tax residence and understanding how they will be taxed before becoming resident elsewhere. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in relocating and, together with the expertise of the PwC international network, we can provide a full-scope service to those looking to leave Ireland.

When considering a move to Ireland, it is essential to understand the Irish tax rules fully. We specialise in pre-arrival planning and provide high net worth individuals with advice about the Irish non-domiciled regime, structuring assets in a tax-efficient manner and Irish residence rules.

Pre- and post-sale structuring

As we establish, grow and manage our businesses, we often focus on the business itself rather than the asset we hold. Whether you are preparing to sell or have recently exited your business, we can help you develop an efficient structure to manage your assets or wealth, considering your current needs as a business owner and your future needs.

Whether you want to avail of tax reliefs on the sale of your business, establish a holding company or tidy up your shareholding structure, we have the experience and expertise you need.

International private wealth

In the global world we live in, many people now have assets and investments in multiple jurisdictions. While this brings many opportunities, it can also lead to a complex range of global tax considerations.

Whether you are buying a property abroad, expanding your investments overseas or looking to establish a company in a foreign territory, we have the knowledge and international network to advise you on your international tax affairs and help you understand the global tax implications.

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