Supply Chain and Operations Consulting

Optimise your supply chain and solve operational challenges to find and deliver growth opportunities.

In today’s uncertain and volatile world, operational excellence and supply chain security can give businesses a vital competitive edge. Achieving this requires the right blend of expert guidance and cutting-edge digital solutions to enhance customer experiences while managing costs and inventory levels. With our deep expertise in supply chain management and operations optimisation, we can help your business transform while reimagining your business strategy and upskilling your workforce.

Our Supply Chain and Operations Consulting services

Supply Chain Management

Organisations need greater visibility of their end-to-end supply chain operations in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. Our Supply Chain and Operations Consulting team helps clients achieve their business objectives by defining and implementing supply chain management practices. We combine our decades of industry and consulting experience with our technology partnerships to provide clients with real-time industry knowledge and tech-powered supply chain solutions. Through PwC, you can access world-leading technology platforms such as Blue Yonder, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.


Organisations increasingly demand more complex solutions and greater value from their procurement functions, which requires a long-term strategy. We help clients future-proof their procurement functions by combining technology with human insight to identify opportunities that create value and have transformative potential. Procurement optimisation can help leaders align business objectives and corporate strategy with process improvement efforts to achieve sustainable results. Our comprehensive approach to procurement transformation helps clients leverage strategic value drivers to achieve cost savings and efficiency while maintaining compliance and control.


Manufacturing companies face a range of challenges in today's complex business environment. These include increasing productivity and flexibility, developing better risk management, reducing costs and keeping up with digital technology advancements. Our consulting services are designed to support leaders of facilities and global groups operating in Ireland. We specialise in:

  • external supply (CMO) management;
  • development of data and analytics capabilities;
  • human-centred manufacturing capabilities; and
  • quality and regulatory practices.


Our productivity team helps clients tackle productivity challenges through three primary capabilities: process intelligence (mining), process optimisation (lean) and perform plus. We provide a comprehensive service, as the insights gained from process intelligence and optimisation can improve workforce capabilities and efficiencies. And in today’s digital era, our tech-powered and human-led approach creates a competitive advantage for our clients.


Operating Model

Our operating model offering delivers end-to-end solutions. We begin by assessing your current operating model and work towards implementing a more efficient and sustainable future state operating model. Our approach is practical and based on global insights and best practices.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to designing your future operating model. We consider all aspects, including often-overlooked areas such as tax, risk and people. We take a phased approach to ensure seamless integration and successful implementation.



Our team has vast experience in optimising customs duty savings, ensuring high compliance with regulations, and managing customs audits for clients worldwide. We specialise in addressing VAT recovery issues, Brexit-related customs duties and other taxes throughout the supply chain. Our team of professionals can help you transform your supply chain and operations to reduce costs, mitigate risks and enhance resilience.

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Fit for Growth

Our Fit for Growth methodology is a proven approach that helps companies develop unique capabilities, manage costs strategically, and restructure their organisation for growth. Our services allow clients to reduce costs while becoming more resilient and competitive. 

In an era of constant global change, businesses must reevaluate their strategic priorities at every stage of the value chain. Cost reduction is crucial, and those who can maintain the essential capabilities needed for success during the recovery period will have a significant competitive edge.

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