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In a disruptive world, leaders need a team they can trust to show them a clear path to sustained outcomes. They need the right expertise and ecosystems to help them push beyond transformation projects to become transformative enterprises. Transformation can be turbulent and lengthy, but we can help you become a transformative enterprise—one that does it naturally. From identifying the right business model and retooling in the cloud to making your people primed for innovation, we’ve got the alliances, scale and expertise to create an environment of unstoppable reinvention. Together, we can help your organisation deliver sustained outcomes—now and into the future.

Amy Ball
Transformation Leader

“Sustained outcomes happen when you create a strategy that merges value and differentiating capabilities with an operating model that will support your strategy—one that is people-led and tech-powered.”

Can climate ambition and reality still converge?

Is your workforce reinvention ready?

Explore the findings of our Irish Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey.

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2024 Irish CEO Survey

2024 Irish CEO Survey

This is more than a survey. It’s your reinvention playbook.

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Client priorities

Be primed for whatever’s next. We’ll help you integrate cutting-edge technology to take your business to the next level, delivering sustained outcomes ahead of the rest.

Finance transformation

In today's ever-changing business landscape, finance teams face numerous challenges, from technology advancements like Generative AI to talent shortages. Our Finance Transformation Integrated Solution offers the latest digital tools to streamline finance functions and tackle market complexities. We can guide you through the entire process to help your finance function lead and drive holistic organisational change.

Front office transformation

Understanding customer needs has become business-critical. Organisations can no longer simply meet expectations—they must anticipate, adapt to and surpass them. Front office, or customer-led, transformation can be an intimidating prospect, but it’s now vital for brand growth. At PwC, we help clients achieve market-leading levels of customer satisfaction by providing tailored, customer-centric solutions.

HR transformation

HR professionals face many competing challenges in the fast-evolving world of work. From workforce dynamics and talent gaps to skills gaps and outdated systems, immediate needs can make it difficult to create space for longer-term organisational transformation priorities. At PwC, we provide bespoke solutions to help Chief HR Officers and their teams drive their HR transformation agenda, improve processes and reduce costs.

Operations transformation

Companies face various challenges, such as navigating complex supply chains due to the impact of trade wars, adapting to changing customer demands, and keeping up with the evolving technology landscape. Our Fit for Growth and Operations Integrated solutions bring together experts in supply chain management, tax and strategy to optimise the entire value chain and ensure all aspects are aligned. Our extensive experience and technological strength enable us to deliver unparalleled supply chain transformations across all industries.

Technology transformation

Our technology consulting services help business leaders adapt to, and leverage, the fast-evolving technological landscape. Our experts can guide you in everything from technology strategy and cloud solutions to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, powered by our suite of market-leading business applications. This approach ensures that your organisation can realise the transformative potential of technology, now and into the future.

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Amy Ball

Amy Ball

Business Transformation Leader, PwC Ireland (Republic of)