Business Transformation

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Transformation that works.

We understand you want a transformation partner to go the whole distance, to deliver business transformation that works from day one and continues to work long after we’ve gone. We also understand that you want to prime your business to take on the demands of today and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow—from realigning your strategy and reimagining the power of your people to recalibrating your capabilities. This change is accelerated in the cloud so you can perform as you transform, unlocking new opportunities to create sustained outcomes for your people, customers and communities.

The four pillars of digital transformation

Successful business transformation requires four essential cornerstones

Having a strategic vision for where you’re going next can be a challenge. Just saying transformation doesn’t make it happen and making an investment doesn’t mean you’ll automatically capture its full value.

Sustained outcomes happen when you create a strategy that merges value and differentiating capabilities with an operating model that will support your strategy—one that is people-led and tech-empowered. PwC’s passionate and innovative community of solvers helps position businesses for today and beyond.

Shape a clear value strategy

  • Articulate an enterprise and functional strategy that is linked to a holistic value-creation plan
  • Clarify the differentiating capabilities needed to win with ecosystems
  • Create a focused portfolio that supports your value-creation plan

Become Fit for Growth

  • Establish an operating model that supports strategy, growth and value objectives
  • Focus on differentiating capabilities
  • Design an organisation and performance management model aligned to your value-creation plan
  • Establish a competitive, adaptive cost base

Engage people to accelerate

  • Develop a holistic workforce strategy aligned with your organisation’s business imperatives, purpose and values
  • Drive proactive investments in upskilling and talent development to build people capabilities
  • Prioritise the critical behaviours that shape culture

Integrate technology for advantage

  • Shape your data and technology strategy based on frontline insights
  • Link technology strategy directly to targeted customer outcomes
  • Accelerate outcomes with emerging technology
  • Integrate ecosystem capabilities to maximise impact

Our transformation services

Digital transformation

High-performing companies need to embrace constant innovation, flat decision-making and technology integration. By combining deep business and industry insight with digital innovation, our teams of creative, industry and technology professionals help accelerate the impact digital solutions can have on your business.

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Data analytics

Data analytics can help drive faster and better decision-making, reduce costs and streamline business models. Companies that leverage data analytics can create innovative solutions that give them an edge over their competitors. Whatever your issue, we have the expertise and experience to translate your data into business value.

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Tax technology and transformation

The modern tax function needs to be progressive and agile with a defined technology strategy that aligns with all aspects of the business. While companies understand the value of using technology to improve processes, drive efficiency and manage risk, many have yet to make appropriate investments in their tax function. We can help ensure that your investment transforms the function into a strategic partner within your organisation.

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ESG represents the risks and opportunities that will impact a company's ability to create long-term value. To future-proof your company and deliver sustained outcomes, you must move from theory to action with a practical, purpose-led plan. Our experts can help you embed ESG in all corporate and business strategies and ensure that they are ready to tackle the biggest challenges of today and capture the best opportunities of tomorrow.

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Customer experience

Continuous innovation and transformation are crucial to maintaining and growing market share as customer experience becomes more and more aligned with success. We can help you engage with your customers in a digitally-led experience-focused way to innovate service delivery and set you apart from your competitors.

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Finance transformation

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, finance leaders must provide a flexible finance function that supports their organisation’s strategies. From implementing finance technology to reducing complexity, we can support you as you transform your finance function for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Workforce transformation

Business leaders are wrestling with skills gaps, disruptive innovation and digital transformation, not to mention the constant tests of risk and regulation. Through our specialist knowledge and experience, we build tailored workforce solutions to help you achieve your strategic ambitions.

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