Customer experience

Businesses are rapidly coming to understand that putting customer experience and needs at the forefront of their strategic agenda will set them up for success.

Transform the customer experience

Businesses are advancing faster than ever before and new competitors are emerging daily. Continuous innovation and transformation has become key to maintaining and growing market share. Your customers' experience of your company is becoming more and more aligned to success.

We can help you engage with your customers in a digitally-led experience-focused way. We will help you innovate service delivery and set you apart from your competitors.

Transforming how you engage with your customers

You shape the way you engage with your customers via the people, processes and technology you use. An employee-centric, operational and digital transformation will revolutionise the experience for your customers. Taking an integrated approach that addresses all three in unison will make all the difference.

How to reduce your cost to serve

For companies, the cost of servicing their customers' needs is continuously increasing. However, they can reduce the cost to serve by engaging their employees and leveraging digital solutions that improve the customer experience. Key to understanding the return on experience is:

  • where does customer experience rank within your business strategy?
  • how important is customer experience to your customers?

We help businesses realise the benefits of prioritising customer experience. We support that transformation to deliver the right balance of cost and experience.

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How can improving employee experience drive company performance?

Empowering your employees is fundamental to your success. Creating values and behaviours aligned to great customer experience outcomes is essential. Supporting these with the right processes and technology results in the employee experience you need.

We have an execution-focused approach to driving employee engagement and performance. It helps our clients unlock real value while improving the employee experience.

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How to grow your customer base and drive retention while maintaining profitability

Companies are struggling to grow and keep their existing customers. Spending to drive acquisition and retention is increasing, at the same time as deep discounting. But these approaches are a drag on profitability and sustainable margins.

We work with businesses to help them understand their customers by mining data. We leverage the insights this provides to organise and deploy effective campaigns to maximise return on investment.

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How does proactive engagement improve the customer journey?

Companies need to proactively engage with their customers. Being reactive to customers needs is a thing of the past, and will put you at a competitive disadvantage. Unlocking data and identifying key customer lifecycle events are key to delivering proactive engagement. PwC have the tools and methodology to accelerate your customer experience journey and deliver for your customers.


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How to deliver the best customer experience in the face of increased regulation

When faced with growing regulation, delivering the right customer experience can be challenging. Giving customers confidence that they are being protected is essential as they become more aware of risks and regulatory requirements. But this cannot negatively impact the customer experience.

We can help to navigate the changes that regulation brings. Our regulatory and customer experience teams bring the right perspectives to deliver experience focussed outcomes.

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What is the key to successful omnichannel delivery?

Customer journeys can begin via any channel, for example in store or online. This first engagement with a customer is vital. Ensuring a consistent journey across every other touchpoint will positively influence your customers' engagement. The key to successful omnichannel delivery is the data and technology underpinning service delivery. We have helped brands deliver the digital solutions that drive seamless experiences and deliver higher customer engagement.

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How to implement the right pricing strategy

Getting the price right is one of the most effective profit levers in business. It can deliver higher returns than improvements in volume or costs. Despite this, pricing and revenue management is still underdeveloped in many businesses. This is because pricing can be complex and is a double-edged sword. Getting it wrong is the fastest way to destroy profits and revenue. Implementing the right price strategy, development and control structures will set up your company for success. We can help you identify the right solutions to allow you to capture the value you create for your customers.

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