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Protect and strengthen your business

Today's business environment is more complex and connected than ever before. Companies can grasp new opportunities but also face new and unforeseen risks.

That complexity together with disruption is making it harder to predict where new risks will come from. As daunting as this sounds, businesses can use their analysis of the risk landscape to transform, innovate and unlock hidden value. By taking a fresh perspective, you can respond with confidence and make decisions that will support your resilience and growth.

We're ready to help you transform risk into success. Our insights and independent assurance can help you discover and unlock real value. We'll work with you to protect and strengthen every aspect of your business, from people to performance, systems to strategy.

Transforming risk into confidence

Our risk assurance services help you identify problems earlier and faster. We solve today's challenges and identify future risks, exploring every angle to turn threats to your operations into competitive advantages.

Creating confidence through data insight

The volume and variety of data has increased in recent years, revolutionising decision-making. Intuition is no longer acceptable when making big decisions. The challenge is to convert data into comprehensible and insightful information. That way, you can produce actions and strategies to help you transform your organisation.

Having the solutions and tools to help you create and capture the right information at the right time will give you the edge you need in business. Using data analytics and visualisation can clarify the way forward for your business. Harnessing the power of digital technology and data repositories we improve the efficiency, effectiveness and value of our audits.


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Mitigating ICT-related risks

With the growing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches, companies must reassess their risk management strategies and strengthen their cybersecurity measures. Enacted on 16 January 2023, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) provides a comprehensive regulatory framework that emphasises the importance of digital operational resilience. It sets rules for ICT risk management, incident reporting, operational resilience testing and ICT third-party risk monitoring. All regulated financial services entities in the European Union must adopt the act by 17 January 2025 and build capacity for the protection, detection, containment, recovery and repair capabilities against ICT-related incidents.

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Taking control of oversight

Today's changing business and regulatory environment requires thinking about risk in new ways. It is time to take an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). Doing that can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of your competitors, and meet your stakeholders' expectations.

By aligning your GRC to business performance drivers, you can transform your activities from reactive, check-the-box exercises into powerful functions that mitigate risk and deliver results.


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Looking ahead by looking inside

In today's ever-changing risk landscape, internal audit is no longer about ticking boxes. It can be a lever for change, providing assurance and strategic insight into how your business runs, and could run. When used the right way, it can have enormous value. It can ensure that the threats inherent in your operations are being managed property within your defined risk appetite.

With the business landscape changing at unprecedented rates and with disruption just around the corner, internal audit needs to be woven into every decision you make. We help you decisively look deeper and project further to help you improve and embed control in your business.


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Managing digital transformation

The way you activate technology in your business can help you to be more competitive and lead the marketplace. But your customers, stakeholders and regulators need to be able to trust the systems you use. Customers need to know their data is secure. Stakeholders need to know you've made the right IT investment. Regulators need to know you are complying with your obligations.

Technology threats are increasing at unprecedented rates. This puts pressure on you to understand, govern and mitigate risk. You need to trust and create trust in your IT solutions, their security and resilience. With it, you'll have the confidence to embrace your digital future and enjoy the growth opportunities it creates.


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Strengthening your ability to respond

At a time when risk is endemic, businesses need to be resilient and ready to respond to any eventuality. Resilience means more than the ability to maintain continuity. It is having the processes and resources in place to tackle challenges, manage through adversity, and bounce back with confidence.

Disruption is inevitable, the way you react is your differentiator. We support you by making sure that your business-as-usual remains seamless in unusual times.


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Risk Modelling Services

Managing multifaceted risks across geopolitics, climate change, demographic shifts and fluctuating economies can be a daunting task. The constantly evolving risk landscape demands a robust framework to measure these risks accurately and choose the optimal response. By leveraging advanced analytics and actuarial and risk modelling, we can help you to make informed decisions that can preserve stakeholder value, secure hard-won gains and act as a springboard for future growth—even in a volatile environment. From sustainability initiatives to insurance challenges and corporate risk management, we take a structured approach to risk modelling and measurement that aligns with your business objectives and helps you make decisions with confidence.


Building trust to maintain competitive advantage

Many companies depend on third-party service providers to host or manage their information. Many use multiple customer and vendor relationships to access specialised solutions and skills they don't have in-house. This way of working creates challenges.

Your management, board and shareholders need confidence in the organisations that provide these services. The suppliers and vendors you work with need to demonstrate the probity of their controls and compliance capabilities.

At a time when regulatory and compliance requirements are becoming more onerous, it is essential to have effective and reliable third-party risk management in place.


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Internal Audit Survey 2023

Discover how internal audit can help organisations find new horizons.

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