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Businesses need effective, well-governed pension schemes that meet the needs of their employees today and in the future

Securing a future that works

Everyone deserves a secure, confident financial future. Volatility, a market inundated with new products, a shifting regulatory environment and changing needs in retirement are all making the pensions landscape more challenging.

All stakeholders to a pension scheme—members, trustees, sponsors and regulators—need certainty. To deliver it, organisations need solutions that minimise risk, engage and balance the needs of all stakeholders, and that are sustainable.

Our Pensions team delivers an honest, unbiased view of the pension strategy that will work for your business.

Delivering the right pension strategy for your business

We solve your problems using the breadth, versatility and cutting-edge ideas of our people to deliver simple, practical pensions advice.

Corporate employee benefit advisory

Many organisations are assessing whether their pension structures are fit for purpose. Sponsors and Trustees of defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes are facing increasing regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements.

As these schemes mature, cost and risk control becomes increasingly important. There is greater regulator scrutiny on sponsors to continue to meet their pension obligations.

Our team can help employers develop a sound long term pensions strategy that will meet the expectations and demands of trustees.

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Independent employee benefit oversight

Organisations need to get the maximum return from their investment in providing a pension for their employees. Employers want to ensure that their pension spend is delivering maximum value, be it in-house or through third parties. This can be a challenge to achieve given the complexity around pension costs, charges and what services are included.

As pension products and services continue to evolve, it is important for organisations to maintain a regular level of oversight. Pensions need to remain fit for purpose and deliver as expected.

Our team provides organisations with the complete market insight and expertise to ensure their pension arrangements are cost-effective, compliant with regulations and deliver a positive employee experience.

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Personal financial planning

Managing personal finances in a changing economic environment can be difficult to achieve.

Everyone has different financial circumstances and priorities that evolve over time. Individuals often struggle to give the time and effort required to plan their short, medium and long-term financial affairs. This can lead to poor decision-making and financial outcomes that don't meet needs.

Our financial planning services establish clearly defined financial objectives. We help people develop a tailored structure and discipline around their financial affairs. We support them as they plan their savings and investments, retirement and family protection.

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