Workforce tax

Simplifying the complexities of employment tax and payroll

Organisations are increasingly complex with businesses in multiple territories, complex interactions among stakeholders, workers crossing borders daily and myriad country and regional legislation and taxation regimes to deal with.

Added to this are new business models and an increasingly non-traditional workforce mix, bringing together employees and a vast array of different contractual arrangements, including 'gig' talent and other contingent workers.

At PwC, we can help you cut through the complexity to reward and mobilise the key people in your business, manage your employment tax obligations, and improve the performance of your workforce.

Optimise your employment obligations with efficient innovative solutions

We deliver deep technical people, employment tax and payroll expertise to help organisations thrive as employers. From the core elements of pay to the complexities of reward structures, we'll work with you to ensure that your organisation is able to deal with the tax implications of recruiting, rewarding and incentivising employees.

Employment tax

The employment tax landscape is increasingly complex. Legislative changes coupled with innovative incentive strategies mean that tax functions are often stretched to capacity.

It is not only challenging, it is also fraught with risk. Both Revenue and the general public are acutely aware of organisations' tax affairs, and it is imperative that compliance is achieved to avoid reputational and financial damage.

Our team of employment tax experts can help you navigate the complexities involved in meeting your employment tax obligations, whether that involves tax compliance, tax-effective incentives, remote working or social security. We can also conduct an employment tax health check to ensure that your organisation is well-placed to deal with a risk review or audit in the future.


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Revenue audit support

Following a period of intense investment in technology and data analytics, Revenue is now very well-equipped to identify non-compliance. This, coupled with the publication of the new Compliance Intervention Framework, means that managing tax risk should be a priority for every organisation.

Revenue typically audits companies once in each five-year period. While disruptive, a proactive approach can help minimise any required settlement and mitigate the effect on your organisation's day-to-day operations.

Our expert team can help you manage your tax risk on an ongoing basis and, where required, respond to a formal intervention by Revenue. We use e-audit techniques that mirror those used by Revenue to ensure that your organisation is well-placed to deal with a risk review or audit in the future.


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Share-based rewards

Attracting the right people for the right roles has become increasingly difficult in recent years. To outmanoeuvre the competition and gain competitive advantage in the recruitment market, many organisations are reviewing their remuneration strategies.

One popular means of attracting key talent is share-based reward mechanisms. This strategy is not only effective from a financial point of view, it also fosters a high degree of loyalty and proactivity on the part of the employee.

However, it is important to ensure that the design of such schemes is correct before offering them to potential candidates. Also, the rules relating to share-based reward schemes and the subsequent reporting requirements can be complex but with our team's collective experience, we can help you.


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Workforce reshaping

All organisations must remain agile and fit-for-purpose. For some, that will require internal realignment between resources and evolving priorities while for others, that may require a more substantial overhaul of the organisation's workforce – up to and including mandatory severance schemes.

Where workforce reshaping is required, all related issues must be dealt with proactively and sensitively. In addition to designing and implementing a reshaping programme that works for the employer, organisations must also meet a range of tax, legal and human resources (HR) obligations as part of this process. And most importantly, to ensure engagement and a successful outcome for all, the employees must be central to the programme design process.

Our workforce team takes a holistic approach to reshaping programmes and can work with you—both in-house and as external advisors—to ensure the well-being of those departing, those who remain and those tasked with running the severance programme.


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Payroll consulting solutions

Payroll is arguably the backbone of any organisation. It's a hygiene factor for employees, and one that can sow significant dissatisfaction and mistrust when it goes wrong.

Today, that risk is very real. Payroll functions are under considerable pressure due to a confluence of factors. These include continuous legislative and regulatory change, new workforce and flexibility models, and unprecedented employment turnover. However, it isn't just about 'getting it right'. Payroll can be a value-add function if approached correctly.

At PwC, we talk about the 'payroll CODE', which incorporates compliance, operations, digital and employee experience. Through these lenses, we can help your organisation identify payroll challenges, resolve gaps and implement market-leading business processes and protocols to protect your business.


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Payroll processing solutions

A payroll issue can erode trust and damage your organisation's reputation in the market, both of which take time to recover and rebuild. Whether you process your payroll in-house or engage the services of a third party, the quality and reliability of the service provided is therefore a critical consideration for employers.

At PwC, our payroll processing experts work in partnership with our tax experts to provide clients with a comprehensive advice and support service tailored for their specific payroll requirements. We also draw on our best-in-class technology solutions and global network to help companies of all sizes and in all locations meet their payroll obligations without issue, assess trends and fluctuations, and plan for the future.


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