Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Turn theory into action with targeted, tailored solutions.

Building a sustainable business means positively impacting our world through more intelligent and innovative practices. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are now integral elements of strategy, operations, products and services—elements that enable you to create value and grow while improving the environment and society. They drive leaders to reassess how they measure value, rethink their strategy and ultimately transform their business. With our global ESG experts and sector specialists, we offer tailored solutions that create sustained outcomes for all stakeholders.

David McGee
ESG Leader

“ESG is more than ticking boxes. It’s about making a difference—for your business and our world. To future-proof your company and deliver sustained outcomes in the process, you must move from theory to action with a practical, purpose-led plan.”

Can climate ambition and reality still converge?

Can climate ambition and reality still converge?

Our Net Zero Economy Index explores the progress of G20 members.

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Navigating investor priorities

How are companies managing sustainability, AI and other issues?

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Client priorities

ESG is a complex issue for businesses as they must comply with regulations, manage risks and capture essential data. With our intelligent technologies and deep reporting experience, we can help you achieve measurable success and build greater trust.

Net zero transformation

Achieving net zero emissions requires a comprehensive approach that involves a range of stakeholders, from government and businesses to customers and communities. Organisations need skilled individuals, innovative thinking and smart technologies working together to build trust and achieve sustainable outcomes. We have the expertise and technology required to support your net zero and broader ESG ambitions, regardless of your industry or business.

ESG and sustainability reporting

As the ESG agenda gains momentum, companies need a strategy for ESG and sustainability reporting—and CSRD in particular—while ensuring the accuracy of their data. Through our knowledge, expertise and global network, we can help you meet regulatory requirements, consumer expectations and investor demands. We have also undergone our own ESG journey and are ready to share our insights with you.

ESG and sustainability assurance

Independent assurance can enhance stakeholder confidence in the quality of your information, help you achieve investor-grade reporting, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to addressing climate change and challenges. Our experts can provide the necessary assurance over your sustainability information and partner with you to navigate the next phase of your organisation’s ESG reporting journey.

Energy transition

Ireland’s energy transition is gathering pace, with the country’s ambitious climate goals generating unprecedented investment. Given the complex, large-scale nature of energy transition projects, having an experienced partner like PwC on board can help streamline the process and improve coordination. Our dedicated energy transition team provides unparalleled expertise, enabling you to achieve your energy transition goals and ensure sustained outcomes.

Our net zero commitment

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