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Enhance your strategic planning, workforce management and talent acquisition strategies and face the future of work with confidence

Facing the challenges of people consulting

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace. There are new organisational, talent and HR challenges to be faced. Business leaders are wrestling with challenges including skills gaps, disruptive innovation and digital transformation, as well as the constant tests of risk and regulation.

Through our specialist knowledge and experience, we build tailored workforce solutions to help you achieve your strategic ambitions. Our solutions take into account the uniqueness of your organisational culture. They are grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight to create lasting value.

Strategic management of people consulting issues

Overcoming the people challenges faced by businesses today is key to achieving positive outcomes. From upskilling for the digital world to unlocking people potential through performance and reward management. Discover some of the ways that we can support you.

Change management

In today's increasingly fast-paced and digitised world, organisations that put people at the centre of change are undoubtedly more likely to deliver successful outcomes.

Businesses are challenged to:

  • Deliver successful organisation-wide transformations
  • Drive adoption and achieve the benefits of digital transformation
  • Build internal capability, unlocking the power of people to drive successful change
  • Address the human side of cybersecurity

Strategies, processes and technology alone will not achieve results. It takes people to accept, adopt, drive and sustain the change to realise a positive impact. Our people-centred approach to change focuses on unlocking business potential through the power of people.

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Organisational design

How we work and the role of work within our lives is changing. To deliver on their strategy and address the future of work, organisations need to have the right resources, skills, behaviours, structures and governance in place. Businesses may find it challenging to:

  • Evaluate how operating models can address digital disruption
  • Assess technological advances that are impacting staff
  • Ensure the organisation structure aligns to the organisational strategy and is fit for growth
  • Address any unnecessary complexity in their corporate model that has developed over time

For many, the ultimate goal is to improve performance and achieve sustainable growth. Our team of Organisation Design experts have experience working with local and international clients to develop, design and implement organisational transformation.

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Executive search: strategic appointments to board and executive

Organisations face a range of challenges as they address issues around organisational design, HR due diligence, culture and behaviour change, or diversity and inclusion initiatives. Often, the solution is to make a strategic hire at board or executive level. However, hiring talent to deliver on the recommendations of large change projects is an issue many businesses struggle with.

Our integrated Workforce team works with CEOs and board members across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to hire the right people at the right level at the right time.


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Culture and behaviour

Most business leaders recognise the critical role company culture plays in their ability to succeed, grow and retain the best talent. When it comes to understanding and optimising organisational culture, it is not always straightforward. Culture is implicit rather than explicit, emotional rather than rational. That’s what makes it so hard to manage, but also what makes it so powerful.

Supported by decades of research from our global Katzenbach Center, we have the expertise to help address your culture challenges, including:

  • Addressing where your culture and your strategy clash
  • Closing the gap between your leadership aspirations and the actual day-to-day actions you want to see in your organisation
  • Focussing on critical behaviours and leverage informal leaders to enable success
  • Identifying measurements to track your progress
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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity in all its forms is an increasing priority for organisations; however, many struggle to convert their aspirations and inclusive values into effective actions that make a difference.

Issues and challenges with which we can support you include:

  • Developing the right strategy, policies and processes to improve and promote diversity and inclusion
  • Calculating your organisation's gender pay gap, crafting a narrative to inform stakeholders about the result and taking the right actions to close it
  • Having the right talent structures in place to create a more diverse workforce
  • Delivering visible diversity action and effectively communicating results
  • Realising the benefits of a more diverse workforce through inclusive action
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Strategic workforce planning and analytics

The workforce of the future is changing, driven by the impact of technology, demographic shifts, and changing employee expectations. In building your workforce of the future, providing a sense of purpose and a great people experience will be vital to attracting and retaining key talent.

Businesses are facing a range of challenges, including:

  • Understanding the impact of emerging technologies and automation and what this means for the talent, skills and capabilities required
  • Introducing digital tools that enable robust data modelling on both current workforce analysis and predictive modelling
  • Embedding data analytics within HR functions to drive people analytics

Strategic workforce planning has been proven to have a significant impact on ensuring long-term organisational success. We can work with you to ensure you have the workforce capabilities and capacity to face the future with confidence.

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People technology and HR information systems

The pressure to reduce HR costs, while attracting and retaining the best people has increased significantly. Technology has become a key enabler in managing human capital and transforming HR into a true business partner. The right HR technology brings standard and straightforward processes from outside of your organisation so your people can focus on what makes a difference and achieve their potential.

We support businesses as they face the challenges of:

  • Developing a digital HR strategy aligned with overall people strategy
  • Putting employee experience at the core of any HR transformation
  • Reviewing and assessing the effectiveness and compliance of your current HR systems and selecting new solutions where necessary
  • Supporting the effective implementation of new technology and systems solutions
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