Finance Transformation Services

Transform your finance function to put it at the heart of your strategic plans

Optimising your finance function for maximum returns

In today's ever-changing business landscape, finance leaders face unprecedented challenges. They need to provide a flexible finance function that supports their organisation's strategies. They should deliver transparent, efficient and forward-looking insights that can be the foundation of crucial decisions.

We help clients navigate this dynamic environment and transform their financial effectiveness. We build tailored solutions, supporting finance professionals on their journey to becoming a lean, efficient and adaptive function. We help them become critical driving forces for successful corporate strategies.

Making your finance function effective

Your finance team should be at the heart of your business strategy, providing a cross-business perspective and influencing decisions with data-informed insights.

Our finance transformation team can provide expert-led consulting services to ensure that your business is ready to meet the demands of the modern economy. From implementing finance technology to reducing complexity, we will support you as you transform your finance function for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Aligning business finance and strategy

Finance leaders are under increased pressure to provide strategic support to the businesses they work in. They have to develop a vision, strategy and road map for finance that aligns with the corporate strategy for the business. It is essential to establish the right partnership between the finance function and the boardroom. This engagement ensures shared goals and clearly-articulated objectives and outcomes. Our finance transformation experts can work with you to benchmark your current function, and identify the potential benefits of alignment.

Implementing financial operating modelling

The structure of your finance function is integral to the success of your business. Is your finance operating model working for you? If it's not fit for purpose in an age of evolving technology and shifting consumer behaviour, you will miss out on growth opportunities.

Redefining your operating model can reduce complexity, create capacity and enhance the skill sets within your finance function, as well as delivering value. The focus can then shift to using data and analytics to provide insights that inform strategic thinking, driving growth while reducing costs.

Reducing finance operational complexity

The finance function sits at the centre of a complex system of processes and technologies within an organisation. It is susceptible to disruption if one part of that system should fail. Smart businesses streamline their finance function with the use of technology and continuous process improvement. 

However, with this comes a host of challenges. Knowing how to take advantage of technology's ability to free up resources and manage risk, and which process improvement methodology—such as Lean, Six Sigma or BPM—to implement can be daunting.

We combine our knowledge of finance and ways of working with a deep understanding of finance solutions to help transform your finance function.

Turning data into actionable insights

You're using your data to drive business innovation, so there's no room for error. Data quality begins with solid data governance. It has to be well-organised, relevant, accurate, and understandable.

Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) framework or solution can help you enhance your reporting and data insights to create strategies that will outpace your competitors. We deliver solutions from EPM strategy to implementation across technologies, bringing insights from our finance, industry and technology teams to accelerate your programme.

Reducing costs while improving control

There are many issues that lead a business to consider finance shared services or outsourcing:

  • improving control
  • more business insight
  • reducing cost and non value-add activities

At PwC, we help clients take advantage of new digital tools and ways of thinking. Whether you're just thinking about shared services or outsourcing, or have been established for years and are looking to evolve your shared services centre (SSC) further to take advantage of the digital revolution, we can help.

Managing capacity

In our fast-paced digital world, even short-term bottlenecks can result in long-term lost business.

We can help you address resourcing and capability shortages by providing qualified accounting and finance process resources. Our people are renowned for the strength of their financial and technical experience, their ability to quickly integrate and collaborate closely with your teams, their insights and aptitude for driving excellence through continuous improvement, and delivering real value to your organisation.

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