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We work with some of the most successful organisations and private businesses in Ireland and across 157 countries. The work we do here and around the world is driven by our commitment to quality, going beyond best practice. To do that, we want the people who work here to share the same values and aspirations. We want you to see where your talent can take you in PwC Ireland.


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Working with us    

Working together

When you join PwC, you are joining a worldwide network of professional peers. We draw on everyone's knowledge and skills to ensure we deliver work of the highest quality. You will work with inspiring people, learn from them and gain valuable experience that will contribute to the success of your career and the organisation as a whole.

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Working hard

Our people are ambitious, want to develop their careers and progress. The people we want to work with are constantly looking for new challenges, be leaders in their sector and put in the extra effort to succeed. They bring their high standards to match and exceed ours and thrive to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. 

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Working to improve

You want to build relationships and take every opportunity in your career, and we take your development very seriously. Our holistic approach to learning by combining innovative learning approaches with on the job coaching and ongoing skills development experiences help you to build a successful and rewarding career with us.

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Working for you

We work to make sure that our people are supported, respected and rewarded. We offer stimulating work with continuous development opportunities and a competitive salary and promotion structure. We understand a culture of flexibility is at the centre of work/life quality and people operate at their best when they have that balance in place.

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Hear from our people

Alanna, Tax, People and Organisation

“People are focused on quality of service and helping their clients but also on people, development and training. You get to work with people who really are the best in their field, and I enjoy being part of a high preforming environment."

Tiiu, Tax, Foreign Direct Investment

“The role in FDI meant I could still work with international taxes and EU tax law as well as learn Irish tax, which is complex and very interesting. No single structure is the same, I go home every day and feel like I learned something.”


Tiiu Albin, Manager, Foreign Direct Investment Tax, PwC Ireland.

Michael, Audit, International & Domestic Business

"I was surprised at how big the Dublin office across all department is in comparison to both my previous offices relative to the size of the cities."


Claire, Consulting – Data & Analytics

"I was very keen to bring home my international experience back to Dublin, and so far I have worked with some of Ireland's largest companies, including many of the multinationals based here, as well as the public sector. You get the feeling that you are at the centre of Europe."


Ger, Consulting, People and Organisation

"Once people join PwC they are given opportunities to do different things including experience on international assignments. They don’t have to stay in the same place and can leverage their own learning and development. The culture is very supportive, team-based and collaborative and there is a willingness to allow people to push their own boundaries."


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More than 223,000 people in 157 countries across the PwC network combine their expertise, ability and experience to develop and deliver fresh perspectives and practical advice.


Practice areas


Our Tax practice is at the cutting edge of one of the most challenging and intellectually rigorous fields, working with a diverse range of clients - from entrepreneurs and start-ups to public and private companies, governments, not-for-profit organisations and high net worth individuals - to understand and deal with their challenges in tax planning and structuring.

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PwC's Assurance professionals understand how businesses work from the inside out. Working with a diverse range of start-ups, private companies and global corporations, including many of Ireland’s top 100 companies, we help solve complex business issues faced by management and boards.

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Today, organisations are striving to improve business performance, effectively manage their way through disruption and gain the greatest value from transactions.

From strategy through execution, PwC's Advisory practice helps clients build their next competitive advantage. Our professionals bring the right skills and mix of diverse backgrounds and experience to provide our clients with unique perspectives and bold insights.

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Risk Assurance

Our Risk Assurance practice provides our people with the opportunity to work across various clients and solution areas, and offers you the chance to continually gain new skills and experience with some of the most prominent, “name brand” businesses in the world. As you grow in your career, you will begin to develop industry specializations especially in highly regulated areas such as financial services and healthcare.

As part of our team you will use your analytical, technical and client facing skills to help our clients risk assess their business operations, strengthen their internal controls and improve their business and technological performance and efficiency.

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Internal Firm Services

Not all of us work directly with external clients. Some of our best people apply their talents inside PwC, and make the firm work even better.

Internal Firm Services (IFS) keeps PwC running, providing strategic and creative services to internal clients. IFS departments include Human Resources, Learning & Education, Business Development and Marketing, Technology Solutions, Finance, Facilities and Risk Management.

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