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An organisation is only as good as its people. That’s why PwC seeks out the best and brightest graduates each year. Your opportunity starts here.


Opportunity is at the heart of a career with us. Opportunities for personal and professional growth, to experience new cultures and diverse working environments, opportunities to build lasting relationships and make an impact. You’ll be part of a global firm of over 200,000 people in 157 countries with a reputation built on excellence with integrity, where teamwork and collaboration are key. 


Life of a PwC graduate

What is it like to be a graduate at PwC? Our people talk about their experiences and what it has meant to them.


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Meet our people

Joining PwC Ireland, you will be part of a global firm of over 200,000 people in 157 countries. Here, our people talk about their experience since joining the firm and what it has meant to them.

Graduate 1.

“There’s a long list of reasons I chose PwC: great support, study leave, an unbelievable office, the social scene and the range of career options.”

Graduate 2.

“I love that my job has given me exposure to working with multiple clients across various industries and locations.”

Graduate 3.

“I used to think of PwC as just an accounting firm, I was surprised to find people from so many different backgrounds across the firm.”

Graduate 6.

“Taking on a permanent job straight out of college seemed daunting but I thought, ‘I want to work with a nationally and internationally renowned firm’.”

Graduate 4.

“In my two years with the Firm, I have been lucky enough to pass all of my exams, make some great friends and develop as a professional.”

Graduate 5.

“I was quite nervous when I joined as I come from an entirely different culture, but everyone made an effort to ensure I felt as welcome as possible.”

A development journey tailored for you...

The path to becoming a PwC professional is paved with opportunities and real responsibilities, helping you take your career forward. We take a blended approach to your development, combining formal training, coaching from others and practical on-the-job experience. You will gain a range of transferable business, personal and technical skills that help you grow. 

To see the path you can take and the development opportunities open to you, click here to view our development journey infographic or click "Start" to find out more about the journey you can take to success with PwC Ireland.

What are the steps on your path to success as a PwC graduate recruit? Click above to find out about your journey

PwC have a very comprehensive onboarding programme and this involves classroom training both technical and soft skills based, on the job training and social events

On your first day, you will have a buddy who is a year ahead of you in their journey with PwC and they will help you with any questions you might have

When you join PwC, you join with over 300 other graduates just like you, all starting their journey in PwC and these will become your colleagues, friends and confidants

Every employee in PwC has their own career coach to guide them through their career and offer advice and guidance when needed

Networking is a major part of working within the Firm and you will have numerous opportunities to network both inside and outside the Firm from the moment you walk in the door on your very first day

Professional development is very important within PwC and we encourage and support all of our employees to continually improve their qualifications. We provide study support for many courses and classes both internally and externally

We provide paid study leave, well in excess of the industry standard recommended by the institutes.

At PwC, we value the effort it takes to study for your exams and we do everything possible to ensure that you are successful and supported. We have dedicated learning and development teams and lectures to support you in obtaining your professional qualification

From the moment you start your career with PwC, you will meet people that will quickly become your friends and these friendships will last through your entire lifetime. You will meet colleagues that will become much more than teammates, they will be your friends

Working in such a large firm provides plenty of opportunity for developing the skills of people management. From your second year in the Firm, you will have responsibility for someone more junior and you will help them to develop and learn

We encourage you to seek out mentor figures in your early years with the Firm, this will often take a more formal developmental structure as you progress your career to more senior roles.

You will have access at very early stages in your career to senior people within the Firm and across many industries and the opportunity to establish and build your own profile with this audience.

As you progress to the Manager stage of your career, you will be supported through our internal PwC Business Academy which aims to develop your leadership skills, business acumen and technical skills.

At all stages of your career with PwC you will have the opportunity to work closely with and influence those who develop the Firm’s market strategy. Whether it’s in relation to the Budget focus or representation at industry groups, this is a unique opportunity to develop your network and commercial focus.

As part of a truly integrated global network, we don’t just facilitate secondment opportunities, we encourage them. Working for a period of time within the PwC network will provide you with amazing opportunities to travel and experience a different culture while having the safety net of a return to your home office.

You will see annual progression in your salary as you progress through your career with significant jumps at milestone exam/career points.

As you continue to meet performance expectations for your role, you will continue to progress through our grade structure gaining further experience and responsibilities as you go.

While much of our training is delivered locally, we also leverage our global network training resources and you will get the opportunity to attend either EMEA or global training. As you progress your career, you will be given the opportunity to deliver training to more junior colleagues.

We operate in a continuous coaching environment. Regardless of grade, we all need coaching to continue our development journey and it is a Firm priority that you receive this in a timely and appropriate way.

What a successful career in PwC looks like for you is a very personal view but we will provide you with the supports and opportunities to achieve every level of success you strive for.

What we can offer you...

Rewards, support and development

Our people make us stand out. They are our biggest business asset. It’s a two-way deal; what our people put into PwC, they get back in kind. We recruit the very best and invest in them. We also want you to be sure we’re the right choice for you. Find out more about the benefits we offer, the environment you are coming into, and the professional journey you can expect when you join us.

"We want enterprising, passionate and bright people. We recruit top talent from all backgrounds so that we continue to make PwC a great place to work. There is no better place to start out on what will be a lifelong journey of development and discovery."

Feargal O'Rourke, Managing Partner


In our Assurance practice, we work with a diverse range of start-ups, private companies and global corporations, including many of Ireland’s top 100 companies. Our work adds tangible value to the organisations we work with and gives them the confidence to stay on their current path or change course. You will be given the opportunity to develop real insights into every aspect of the companies we work with and give them informed advice on their sector, their people, their technology and their finances. Your ability to investigate and adapt to new challenges will be essential in Assurance. We want you to help us make a difference to our clients.

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Risk Assurance Solutions

Over 100 people work in Risk Assurance, with specialists in the areas of Data Analytics, Internal Audit, IT and Business Process Controls, and Governance and Risk Management. We work with our clients to help them identify, manage and reduce their exposure to risk. As part of our team, you will use your analytical, technical and communication skills to help our clients risk assess their business operations, strengthen their internal controls and improve their business and technological performance and efficiency. Your ability to identify business risks and to project manage, review, report and present your findings effectively will make you an invaluable member of the Risk Assurance team.

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Over 500 people work in Tax in PwC Ireland, in the areas of Domestic and International Outbound, Financial Services, Foreign Direct Investment, Indirect Tax and Human Resource Services. Our Tax practice leads the field in working with a diverse range of clients - from entrepreneurs and start-ups to public and private companies, governments, not-for-profit organisations and high net worth individuals - to understand and deal with the challenges that matter most to them. You will help our clients solve complex problems and influence some of the biggest decisions they face, helping them be more efficient while simultaneously keeping pace with the changing national and international tax landscape.

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Advisory is made up of two areas, Consulting and Deals. PwC Ireland’s Consulting group helps senior executives and managers in Ireland’s biggest companies refine and enhance their operations and performance, in the areas of Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting, Technology Consulting and Risk Consulting. We work with businesses in sectors such as financial services, pharmaceuticals and technology to help them in activities such as entering new markets, managing organisational change and creating robust technology strategies. In addition, our Deals business is made up of Business Recovery Services, Corporate Finance, Forensics and Transaction Services. Our ambition is to be the leading business in the transactions and crisis markets.

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