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In our Deals practice, we work with well-known national and international clients and top executive management on a daily basis to help them improve the ways that they function and face the future. 

What will I actually do if I choose Deals?

You will be working as part of a highly driven team, lead by partners and managers who are regarded as some of the top advisors in the Irish marketplace today.  You will get to appreciate and experience the real life challenges facing our clients and assist a wide range of companies seeking to finance, grow, divest or ensure their business survives.

You will be working on real life situations on a real time basis. You will appreciate the importance of your work in assisting clients in their decision-making process and assist them in both exciting and difficult times. The nature of our work means you will always be presented with new opportunities and challenges. It is very rare any two days are the same and we can guarantee you will never be bored or feel unchallenged.

How Deals is organised

Our Deals group comprises three main areas: Transaction Services, Corporate Finance and Corporate Recovery & Insolvency.

Transaction Services and Corporate Finance

These areas support corporate clients, private equity firms and investment funds through mergers, acquisitions, disposals and raising finance.

Acquisitions: Any organisation considering growing by acquisition needs to check all the assumptions it is making about that deal and determine a fair value for the target business.  A thorough financial, commercial, operational and strategic due diligence exercise is important to confirm that there are no 'black holes'. Once satisfied in these areas, the organisation is likely to need help to structure the deal to minimise risk and to maximise funding and tax efficiency.

Disposals: When a business is for sale - or selling off one of its parts - it needs to demonstrate its commercial and financial strength to potential buyers if value is to be maximised. It is key that the sales process is carefully managed to ensure that all relevant information is made available to the buyer in a controlled manner and that competitive tension between potential buyers is maximised.

Raising Finance: We also help our clients by providing clear, practical and independent advice and assistance on all aspects of their capital and funding management, from strategy development to design and implementation of capital and funding solutions.  In addition, keeping pace with the expectations, requirements and limitations of finance providers and understanding how best to work with the market to achieve growth is an increasingly important need for business.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Where a business is facing financial distress or insolvency, we may be able to help save it if action is taken early enough.  For companies, their lenders, shareholders or other stakeholders in businesses facing financial under-performance or crisis, we deliver restructuring solutions and help build a platform for recovery.  Alternatively, we can help financial stakeholders to recover value in an insolvency.  Our experience and industry specialists enable us to tailor solutions to the individual circumstances and needs of our clients.


Our Advisory practice is made up of two areas, Consulting and Deals. Click here to find out more about Consulting ►

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