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Brexit and the pharma and life science industry

The Leave decision is expected to have an effect on regulation and the supply chain in the pharma industry

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Our Pharma 2020 series

Is pharma's fate sealed? The outlook has never seemed more promising – or more ominous. What decisions should you make to successfully launch into 2020?

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Summary: 18th Global CEO Survey

Key findings from the pharma and life sciences Industry

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How can we help?

We’re proud to work with Ireland’s most successful pharma and life sciences companies.

We work closely with PwC experts in many of the world’s key pharma and life sciences centres to bring the best expertise and experience to you.

So, whether you are an MNC looking to invest in Ireland or an Irish company looking to expand overseas, we can help!

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From vision to decision: Pharma 2020

Major changes will revive the industry’s fortunes in another decade, but capitalising on these trends will entail making crucial decisions first.

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