Assurance services

Our advisory services practice for legal firms work with many of the country's leading legal firms to help them achieve financial and managerial results consistent with their specific needs and objectives. As a professional services organisation ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing legal firms and can help identify and implement practical solutions in their business operations.

  • Legal firm M&A services: Advising legal firms on various aspects of proposed mergers, including structure, tax implications for the firms and their partners, accounting systems, year-ends and due diligence issues
  • Operational reviews: Performing an analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the core business operations at legal firms in terms of quality, control and cost and making appropriate recommendations
  • Risk management for legal firms: Providing an enterprise-wide risk management approach, which addresses operational, market, regulatory, employee, client reputation/brand, IT and financial/accounting risks
  • System selection and implementation: Advising on the evaluation and selection of business systems and helping firms manage their implementation projects.
  • Business strategy services: Supporting business strategy initiatives through sectoral and feasibility studies, organisational and leadership reviews and Voice of the Customer programmes
  • Dispute analysis & Investigations: Offering financial, economic, and statistical services to legal firms involved in litigation, arbitration or mediations, and regulatory investigations or other regulatory issues