Tax dispute resolution


The introduction of the Finance (Tax Appeals) Act 2015 is driving numerous changes across the tax landscape. Tax disputes is one area that is being particularly impacted.

PwC’s Tax Dispute Resolution group offers a unique service in Ireland which focuses on all aspects of technical accounting, law and corporate finance that might have an impact on tax issues and disputes.

Our specialist knowledge means that we can work closely with you to effectively manage and favourably resolve tax disputes.

Our team will advise on the most appropriate path through negotiations to reach a satisfactory conclusion for all parties.


Tax dispute resolution

The Finance Tax Appeals Act 2015 is driving numerous changes across the tax landscape. Barrister Conor Kennedy explains how the changes might affect your business and how PwC can help.


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Appeal settlement

Recently, the management of tax appeals has transferred from the Revenue Commissioners to a new Tax Appeals Commission (TAC). This changeover will see some 3,000 existing tax appeals being passed to the new body.

In the interim, Revenue is writing to these appellants offering an opportunity to settle their cases outside of the new TAC process.   

Those who receive this correspondence have 30 days to inform Revenue of their intention to enter negotiations to resolve their appeals. They then have 90 days to come to an agreement with Revenue before the appeal is passed to the TAC, which may lead to a higher tax liability than under the current appeals and settlement process being offered.

PwC can help individuals and businesses who have received notice from Revenue of their case being passed to the TAC to avail of the opportunity to resolve their appeal.

With our understanding of the application of the law in dispute situations, the issues that can arise and the appeals process, we will work collaboratively with Revenue on your behalf to resolve the dispute.

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