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Corporate Responsibility (CR) is integral to what we do – an inherent part of our core business. The Firm is committed to playing a leading role in achieving a sustainable future; we take responsibility for our actions and promote responsible business practices; support the growth and development of our people and communities; and seek to minimise our impact on the environment so that we embed Corporate Responsibility in our value and business processes, and create a distinctive business in a responsible way.


Corporate Responsibility in PwC Ireland

Through our Corporate Responsibility Programme we leverage the talent, enthusiasm and generosity of our people across Ireland. It will give you the opportunity to make a significant and lasting contribution.

We encourage you to get involved in any way you can. With us, you can step up, get involved and make a difference!


Every activity PwC undertakes, both as a Firm and our individual people, has an impact on the communities in which we operate. We aim to make a difference to the communities we work and live in and we empower our people to do the same.

Locally, we’re involved with a number of charities and community groups and many of our people give their time and skills to assist these organisations.  


"The young people have really benefitted from the project and also experienced the joy of learning alongside the volunteers from PwC. It is through working together with local business that communities can really grow and develop and this project has again showed us the power of collaboration and the importance of community services in action."
Derek Cleary, Director of Services, Localise

PwC team up with Localise, a Youth and Community Development organisation, to undertake a development project with the 6th class of St Laurence O’Toole’s GNS and CBS, Seville Place, Dublin 1. A project team of PwC volunteers engage with the pupils to design and implement a CommunityMatters initiative that has a positive impact on their local community in the North Wall area. PwC volunteers work with the children to develop their project design and implementation skills and show them how to set out clear goals to achieve a successful project. The volunteers ensure the children learn more about the cause they are supporting and how a simple gesture could have such a positive impact on people’s day to day lives. So far the projects have been:

  • Design and creation of Christmas cards to sell to the employees of PwC and the local community in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital
  • Creation of personalised gift boxes for residents of a Simon Community supported housing unit on Sean McDermott Street and North Circular Road
  • Organisation of a fund-raising cyclethon in PwC offices in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Unit of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.
  • Organisation of a football themed fundraising event to raise money for defibrillators for local sports clubs and the Mater Heart Appeal.

Junior Achievement

The Firm supports our people who take time out of their working day over a period of six to twelve weeks to deliver Junior Achievement educational programmes. Junior Achievement encourages young people to remain in education and teaches them the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. These programmes focus on the delivery of a business related topic to students between the ages of 5 to 15 years. As a business volunteer the PwC person brings work experience to the students by teaching them programmes designed to help them appreciate the value of work and enterprise.

Santa Letters

Every year the Firm distributes Santa Letters from a variety of schools in the Dublin area. Children from schools with varying levels of disadvantage are encouraged to write letters to Santa. Their teachers send these letters to PwC. Each PwC person who has volunteered to participate in the scheme is allocated a child for whom they buy and wrap a present. All the PwC presents are sent to the school to be given to the children. This is a very popular initiative in PwC, with everyone enjoying playing “Secret Santa”.


“We are delighted that PwC is our single biggest donor and is fully committed to reuse of computers to improve education. Camara students receive a key skill for the 21st century: digital literacy, as well as a hugely improved education. We need more organisations and individuals to take PwC’s lead and insist that used computers are reused for education.”
John Fitzsimons, CEO, Camara Education

Camara is a social enterprise dedicated to using technology to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. PwC is delighted to support Camara’s work in improving education through technology amongst disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Jamaica and Africa. PwC have donated over 2,500 used computers to Camara to date making it Camara’s largest donor. The computers have been refurbished and have resulted in an improved education for over 50,000 children in disadvantaged communities in Africa, the Caribbean and Ireland.

People Giving Scheme

We have developed a scheme which allows our people to make tax-free monthly contributions through payroll deductions to a selected number of charities voted by our people. This scheme is known as the PwC People Giving Scheme. To date, over €300,000 has been raised by our people for charity. Each year we ask our people to choose the 5 charities they would like to be the beneficiaries of the donations.


Proud to be part of a network of Ireland’s largest companies dedicated to CSR and sustainability.


We remain conscious of our direct impact on our environment and have introduced a number of environmental initiatives that have become part of our day to day way of working.

Our 'EnvironmentMatters' programme, which includes initiatives such as the introduction of a 'binless office', Smartprinting, energy efficient bulbs throughout our building, to mention but a few, all contribute to the success of our environmental programme.

We are very proud of the following facts knowing that all the time we are reducing our carbon footprint:

  • We recycled 76% of our waste last year and reduced the waste sent to landfill by 30%.
  • By introducing printers that only print at a swipe of an ID card, and can print double-sided, we have reduced our paper usage by 1.54 tonnes per year, or the equivalent of 4 average trees!
  • The introduction of durable travel mugs for everyone has reduced disposable cup usage of approximately 500,000 per year.
  • The heat generated by our computer rooms is recovered and used to heat the water for our Fitness Centre.
  • All our suppliers are required to source the most environmentally friendly products for our offices. For example, our furniture is made from 40% recycled materials.
  • We maximise the use of 'green' environmentally friendly housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance products.
  • Our gas and electricity usage is reducing year on year.

We never stand still in this area and new initiatives include the installation of water saving devices which will aim to reduce our water consumption by 40%, and we are currently investigating new gas saving technology for our Spencer Dock heating system which, if successful, will deliver between 8%-15% saving on gas usage.


In a competitive market, people are integral to an organisation’s business success. Building a positive workplace culture is integral to PwC’s high performance, innovation and agility in the marketplace. Our strategy is for PwC to be a great place to work for all our people where they can achieve their ambitions in a supportive challenging environment. We carry out a range of initiatives designed to create a better environment for our people, including our training and development and people centred policies. In addition to career counselling, coaching and mentoring, we have an established Firm Code of Conduct and confidential grievance and ethical guidance procedures.

Our Health Matters programme is aimed at introducing a number of different healthy options to our people. We provide a choice of therapies, including Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Chinese Seated massages to help combat stress and leave people feeling refreshed in the workplace.

The Spencer Dock Fitness Centre includes state of the art equipment, changing areas, lockers and showers. The centre also has a studio where a range of fitness classes are held including circuit training; body sculpt classes, pilates and yoga.


PwC is a key member of the Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change. Within the marketplace, PwC deliver services that create positive market impacts and ensure clients balance their social and environmental goals. With over 500 consultants in the PwC network globally working on Sustainability and Climate Change, we have taken a leadership position and intend to continue focusing on one of the biggest issues facing our planet. For more information on Sustainability, and to see the type of work we are involved in here in Ireland. There’s no doubt that PwC people take a broader view on the issues that concern us all.

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